Flowers in flats



A certain Spring will always follow snow
and softened earth I’ll turn.
I plant because I need to grow.

Seed catalogues: each page glows
with color, each possible garden forms
in that certain Spring that always follows snow.

I remember heat and summer crows,
earth baked hard, hoe hands worn,
still, I plant because I need to grow.

For months I’ve born grief’s blows,
blinding blizzards, stark rave storms.
Uncertain Spring will sometimes follow snow.

Dig deep as graves are dug, then go–
body, soul and tears interred.
We plant because we need to grow.

Give death His season, with all He knows.
Life awaits earth’s tilted turn.
A certain Spring will always follow snows.
And I will plant because I need to grow.

"Planting" was selected by artist Jennifer Rivera to inspire a painting, 2013








Hand scattering ashes

Rose tattoo


Redbud leaf

Flower on walk

Crumpled newspaper

Flowers in flats

Strawberry blossoms

Cut stalks

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