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Garden Plots: Visiting the Garden

Welcome to Garden Plots, a bontanica of short stories, poems, rants, meditations, and other short pieces about gardens, gardeners, plants, garden design, and the human relationship to nature.

The Garden Plots are accessible in several ways:

1. move your cursor over the main map to find the sections, and once inside a section find the icons that lead to the individual garden plots;

2. in the Garden Gate Section, click on Garden Plots by Section, to find a listing of sections and plots;

3. in the Garden Gate Section, click on Garden Plots, Alphabetical to see all stories;

4. or simply go from page to page discovering sections and stories within sections by moving your cursor until the story title appears.

All icons in each section are on the right side of each story in that section, in case you miss one.

My Garden Plots are grouped together in the same way a landscape architect might design a garden—the literary pieces have unities of theme, time frame, tone, form, and subject in the same way a garden has water plants, perennials, grasses, climbers, and particular species to feature.  The plots are in sections, just as a garden might have an area of Oriental Gardens, of fountains, of topiary, all separated by border plants, hedges, and walls.  Once “inside” the garden, please visit in the same way you might a garden, moving first toward what interests you most, given your time and taste. 

When I visit gardens, I am often exhausted by the richness of what I am seeing, not to mention the variety and the walking it takes to see all the variety.  Gardens are best visited over time, through seasons, with different expectations and interests in what they have to offer.  The same might be true of these plots:  visiting the Whimsical Gardens section will be quite different from visiting the Memorial Gardens section; the Poetry Fountains will look and feel different from visits to the historically oriented British Gardens and American Gardens

As you visit, you will be traversing the landscape of this literary collection, but you will also be visiting all that I visited as inspiration for these pieces.  Some of them are places:  the National Botanical Garden of Wales, Wordsworth’s Rydal Mount, the Shofuso House in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  Other inspirations come from reading, from conversations, and from research; readers often travel to those places with writers, as well.  This collection is not exhaustive, but like most gardens, it shows the interests of the gardener.  Join me in my exploration of plants, gardens, garden design, and the human relationship with Nature.








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