Averill Gardens Map

These Garden Plots first appeared in the following publications:

In Beecher’s:
At the Glass Flowers

In Blue Island Review :
Frost, which also inspired a painting by artist Jennifer Rivera in her “Art After Words” show

In Blue Ships:
Monticello Slave

In Coal City Review:
Alex and Harry in the Queen’s Garden
Tenacious Beauty
The Garden Mapper

In Eclipse:
Asparagus in the Cloisters Garden

In Flint Hills Review: 
Answer: Because
Punishment and Prayer
Stealth Bomber
The Football Garden

In Foliate Oak:
Rant for John Bartrum

In I-70 Review:
Gardening Grief
The Garden at Pickering Castle
Window Box
Winter Onion

In Iowa Summer Writing Festival Anthology:
Prairie Style
Sign:  This garden is planted in wildflowers

In Artist Jennifer Rivera show:
Planting: A Villanelle

In Kansas City Voices:
Gardens Tour
Such a Sound
Theodore in the Japanese Garden

In Kansas City Star:
The Poet Eats Redbud Blossoms

In Leaning House:
Moon Lust

In Little Balkans Review:
Garden Bully                                                             
Garden of Best Intentions
State Flowers
The Last Coroner’s Wife       
The Marigold Capitol of Kansas

In New Letters:

In New Mexico Poetry Review:
Sowing the Wilderness
The Woman Who Wore Flowers

In North American Review:
Hulda Hoover’s Quaker Garden
Purple Prose
Stories that Never Happened: Epilogue
The Evolution of Wordsworth’s Garden
Wilfred Owen’s Final Garden

In Paradigm:
First Fruit

In Rockhurst Review:
Seed Pinchers

In Rougarou:
Tasting Drought
The Weeder

In Scissors and Spackle:
Simple Vegetable Garden Instructions
The Unknown Gardener
The Waiting Garden
What the Flowers Think: Reality Check Point #2

In Seltzer:

In seveneightfive:
Flowers on the Metro
Found Poem:  From Weekly Garden News
The Grass Garden

In Soundings East:
Grave Side
You, in the Cloisters Gardens

In Stone Highway:
Winter Garden

In Whirlybird Press:
To Appreciate a Garden

In Zeitgeist:










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