Plowed garden

Simple Vegetable Garden Instructions

 general:           till,   plant,   water,   weed,   thin,   harvest,   eat,   uproot,   till

tomato:             till,   plant,   water, ^  weed,   (pinch),   harvest,   eat,   uproot,   till

basil:                 till,   plant,   water,   weed,   (deflower),  ^  harvest,   eat,   uproot,   till

                                                       discourage rabbits     can’t discourage rabbits
beets:                till,   plant,   water,   weed,   ^  replant,  water,    weed   ^    so  till

                                                                     try smashing bugs
squash:              till,   plant,   water,   weed,   thin, ^  uproot,   till

carrots:              till, ^  plant, ^  water, ^  weed,  ^  thin, ^  harvest, ^  eat, ^  uproot, ^  till

                                                       maybe   maybe   maybe     maybe  maybe   maybe
if lazy:               till,   plant,   water, ^  weed, ^  thin, ^  harvest, ^  eat, ^  uproot, ^  till

                  pay someone else to:
if wealthy:      ^ till,   plant,   water,   weed,   thin,   harvest,   eat,   uproot,   till

if never gardened before:  wait,  wait,  wait,  wait,  till … … … it’s too late

"Simple Vegetable Garden Instructions" first appeared in Scissors and Spackle







Compost heap

Asparagus stalk

Cross hatch garden

Datura blossom

Thistle flower

Garden shears

Dandelion seed head

Cracked earth



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