Rose tattoo

The Tattoo Garden

—with apologies to Robert Burns

O my love she has a red, red rose,
tattooed upon her breast;
my love began with just one flower,
then tattooed on the rest.

Her back’s awash in brilliant blooms,
she’s a jonquilled, iris lass;
Her arms are vined, as intertwined,
as the snake coiled on her ass.

Inked she is, and down her legs
sprout lilies and sweet William;
sunflowers yellow, crocus pink,
hibiscus of vermillion.

Her skin, her tuliped lips, her buds,
sing a softly petalled tune;
and I, a gardener, admiring art,
am newly sprung in June.







Hand scattering ashes

Rose tattoo


Redbud leaf

Flower on walk

Crumpled newspaper

Flowers in flats

Strawberry blossoms

Cut stalks

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