Window box

Window Box

            I have seen fields of lavender, gradient white to pink to violet to blue, and breathed their cloying sweetness.  The national collection of astilbe, a rainbow of colors, waved from a hillside in England’s Lake District.  Hydrangeas, taller than I, their blossoms shading from turquoise to blue to salmon to white have led me through garden paths of great beauty, toward well-formed roses of every shape and color, petals smooth and ragged.  I have seen great walled gardens, fruit trees espaliered against stone, statuary stationed in their centers.  I have been led down sweeping paths by Capability Brown’s winding landscapes, and I have seen the pinched boxwood geometry of Hampton Court.  The great linden walk at Edith Wharton’s The Mount, designed by her niece, Beatrix Farrand, shaded and guided me toward that fine home.  The water walkway in the National Botanical Garden of Wales led me to the largest greenhouse in the world, where, inside, landscapes from Africa to South America were recreated for me.  Such grandeur, such effort, such scale and sweep.  Yes, and such beauty.
            But on a New England summer day, walking the streets of a small town in Massachusetts, give me nothing more than a window box, a small cultivation of geranium, maybe some sweet potato vine and hanging petunia, baby’s breath and a few pinks, all a splash of thriving color, as momentary as the glimpse of a finely plumed bird, meant for one small wink of pleasure as I move toward my destination.
            I stop to enjoy the window boxes, all of them, and the hanging plants, festooning their ribbons of color.  Turns out they were my destination, after all.

"Windowbox" first appeared in I-70 Review



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