Feel free to use any of the pictures below for publicity purposes:

Thomas Fox Averill, author photo, Found
Documents from the Life of Nell Johnson
(University of New Mexico Press, 2018)

Thomas Fox Averill, for dedication of Kansas Studies Collection

Thomas Fox Averill at dedication of Thomas Fox Averill
Kansas Studies Collection, Mabee Library, Washburn
Spring 2010.


Averill as Oleander

Thomas Fox Averill as William Jennings Bryan Oleander,
Leon, Kansas, Fall 2009.

Thomas Fox Averill at booksigning for Ordinary Genius

Thomas Fox Averill at Rainy Day Books signing
for Ordinary Genius, 2005.

Tom Averill, Bagpiping

Tom Averill, Bagpiping at Lawrence Arts Center, 2008.

Tom Averill playing Shuttle Pipes

Tom Averill playing Shuttle Pipes, 2006.

Averill Book Jacket Photograph

Thomas Fox Averill, Book Jackt Photograph,
taken 2001.


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