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Presentation Styles and Strategies:
How to Interact with Students & Other Audiences

by Sara W. Tucker

red check iconIt All Depends...
While not perfect, PowerPoint can be a very powerful, efficient way for instructors and other presenters to create (and duplicate, and amend, and make available for review) presentations containing lots of different multi-media resources. But, as with any kind of teaching technique, we also need to think about just where students and other audiences fit into PowerPoint presentations.  And of course, that all depends - on what kind and level of group being addressed, kind of material, kind of presentation strategy, etc.
red check icon Dozing In The Dark
Probably the most common "bad use" of PowerPoint comes when such shows go on forever, with bulleted slide after bulleted slide crammed full of detail, and the presenter drones on and on, reading the content of each crammed slide to his or her audience. The audience then either dozes off in the darkened room, or perhaps works frantically to copy every word from each slide - and thus is too busy to think about any of it.

Of course none of us want this to be what happens in our presentations! Yet often we do want PowerPoint shows to contain a lot of important information, and thus may want to use the dread bulleted lists, at least sometimes.  Yet we definitely don't want people dozing off, or otherwise not thinking about the content of the presentation we've just worked so hard to construct. So what to do?

red check icon Dancing Bullets
When bulleted slides make sense, PowerPoint makes it easy for you to control and time just which bullets you want people to see, when. This is most easily done by using the Text Preset Animation function. To do it
Slide Layout format choice box
Slide Layout format choice box, showing one bulleted list format chosenspacer.gif
red check icon More Than Bullets: Strategies for More Active Student/Audience Involvement

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