Right to Know

Annual Campus Security Report

The following policies, procedures, statistics and prevention programs are intended to increase the students' and employees' knowledge of crime prevention at the University and to provide information on the incidences of reported crimes and certain arrests on University controlled property and in areas contiguous to the campus. Crime statistics are reported for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 calendar years. This report addresses requirements of the "Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy & Campus Crime Statistics Act" (Clery Act), codified at 20 U.S.C.1092(f) and the requirements of the Higher Education Opportunity Act.  For full statistics please see the link to the left.

Washburn University is a public university located within the City of Topeka. As the University's campus is publicly owned property, members of the general public, subject to restrictions imposed by the University's Facilities Use Policy, have access to the campus. Access to residential living units on the campus is restricted to residents and their guests.

University Police Department

Law enforcement authority for the University's campus rests with the University Police Department and the City of Topeka Police Department. The University employs 15 full-time and 7 part-time police officers certified by the State of Kansas, and 1 campus resource officer. The Washburn Police and the Topeka Police Departments have joint jurisdiction on campus, and both agencies can take crime reports and investigate accidents occurring on campus, including motor vehicle accidents.

Washburn University Police are the primary contact agency for criminal activity occurring on campus. The WU Police may request assistance from, and will work in close cooperation with, the Topeka Police Department in the investigation of campus crime. Washburn University Police are charged with the enforcement of criminal violations, city ordinances violations, and parking enforcement on campus.

The University's police personnel cooperate fully and maintain a working relation with city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. This relationship includes communication among the agencies in reference to certain reported crimes and of certain arrests, as required by the Clery Act (The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy & Campus Crime Statistic Act). The University reports all incidents of alleged criminal activities, which occur on University property, to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. The Washburn Police Department maintains a 24-hour, 365-day watch over the University facilities. The 24-hour police dispatcher can be contacted by phone at 670-1153 (or campus extension 1153.)

Reporting of Crime and Safety violations

Statistics on the incidents of reported crimes, defined as reports of certain criminal offenses reported to the University's police personnel or the Topeka Police Department, and of certain arrests occurring on the University's campus, or on or in property owned or controlled by a recognized student organization, are gathered on a monthly basis and posted in a conspicuous location in each major academic building and residence hall. This information is also shared with the Washburn Review, the student newspaper. The reported crimes have the generally understood meaning for the offense described; however, for the offense of "burglary" under the Uniform Crime Reporting guidelines administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the theft of articles from a motor vehicle, whether locked or unlocked, is classified as larceny or theft.

Along with the monthly statistical report, a general analysis of locations and types of reported crimes is provided. Washburn University provides timely warnings to the campus community on crimes that are considered by the Institution to be a threat to students and employees. The Washburn University Police will review all crimes and criminal activity and make a determination of what warnings will be provided to the campus community. The timely warnings will be posted on the Washburn University Police Department's Web site and may be sent via campus-wide E-mail, telephone, and/or text distribution.

Campus Police Authority/Services:

  • Criminal arrests and administrative sanctions referrals
  • Safety escort
  • Crime prevention
  • Provide crime awareness/prevention seminars
  • Post and explain crime reports
  • Work in cooperation with students, faculty and staff to make Washburn a safe learning, working, and living environment.

Residential Living

The residence halls and the apartment-style housing units are staffed by Resident Assistants (RAs), upper-class students who are well trained and responsible for community development.

RAs serve as advisors, programmers, and leaders. The Assistant Directors  of Residential Living supervise the RAs. The Director of Residential Living oversees all student staff positions. RAs are "on duty" weeknights from 5:00pm to 8:00am the following day and 24 hours on weekends. They secure the buildings beginning at 11:00pm each night.

Residents can make certain their living environment stays safe by locking their doors and reporting any suspicious person(s) or crime(s) to the University Police and/or their RA. At the start of the semester residents are informed of fire hazards and emergency protocol in case of a fire, tornado, or other event.

Washburn Residence Council (WRC) is the programming board for the residence halls. They coordinate social activities as well as informational presentations on various awareness programs.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services will periodically schedule programs and information sessions related to safety/behavioral issues. Counselors will conduct assessments and will make referrals to other agencies, if necessary. When making referrals, the counseling staff will request an update/follow up of the student's situation.

Health Services

Health Services personnel will work with victims by assessing the situation and making referrals, if necessary. If any crime is discovered, Health Services personnel will report the situation to the appropriate authorities as required by law. Please note that sexual assaults require specialized evidence collection that can only be performed at a hospital.

Security Features of the Campus

A Safety Committee, comprised of University students, faculty and staff, works closely with the University Police Department in making recommendations for improvement. This committee conducts two security walks during the academic year. The group conducts these during the evening hours, looking at lighting, landscaping, parking, etc.

Thirteen (13) emergency telephones are located throughout the Washburn campus. They are mounted on stainless steel towers, have a blue light on the tower and are marked, "EMERGENCY."