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Current Tutors: 2011-2012 Academic Year

Amy Day: Writing

Amy Robinson: Biology

Brett DeFries: ASC/Writing Center Intern & WU Adjunct Instructor in English

Brandon Marshall: Math

Calvin Coker: Writing, History, Public Speaking

Christine Logan: Anatomy/Physiology

Delaney Fish: Math, Writing

Elizabeth Burgett Writing

Graham Thurber: Accounting, Finance

Jared Moser: Writing, Psychology, Addictions Counseling

John Wayne Henderson: Writing

Meaghan McEachern: Writing, Psychology

Michael McSweeney: Math, Logic, some Business courses

Rachael Cox: Writing, Spanish

Stacy Rottinghaus: Math

Susan Cooper: Writing, History

TJ McDaniel: Math

Tony Spicuglia: Writing, Public Speaking

Tray Massengale: Math


Program Director: Ann Callies 

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