Student Initiative Grant Form

October 2, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for your interest in the Student Initiative Grant. Enhancing our campus and providing a great student experience for every Ichabod drives the priorities of the Konkel/McGown Administration and the Student Engagement Committee.  We firmly believe student activity funds can be most responsibly utilized when the students play a key role in the allocation of the funds.

A key component of Student Engagement is student input. Rarely do students get the opportunity to submit proposals for funding to help our campus progress.

The Student Initiative Grant provides student with the opportunity to apply for support both financially and otherwise to help improve specific portions of campus life. Each concern is taken very seriously. We enjoy hearing small requests to improve student life, but we also would like to see BIG requests. The Washburn Student organization has allocated $12,000 to provide support for such projects.

We cannot wait to see what kind of projects interest you!


Washburn Student Government Association


Questions or comments should be directed to Anthony Ho, Student Engagement Chair at

Fill out my online form.