Diversity Initiative Climate Survey

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Diversity Initiative Climate Survey

In the spring of 2010, seeking self-study and improvement, Diversity Initiative completed its first climate survey.  This survey asked students, faculty, staff, and administrators to comment on their perceptions of the programs, practices, and community on campus.  Over 1,200 members of the Washburn University and Washburn Tech campuses responded. 

To take the 2013 Climate Survey (for Washburn students, faculty and staff)

You will find the link to the survey under the "News and Events" tab in My.Washburn.  Check the right-hand column.  All responses are completely confidential and anonymous.

***Rewards for completing the survey***

In addition to the satisfaction you will feel from helping to build community and having your voice heard, you can also receive additional rewards, including:

  • Extra Credit (check with your professors)
  • A coupon for 25% off at the Washburn University Bookstore (Bring your certificate of completion to the Multicultural Affairs office, Morgan 110, to pick up the coupon)

To claim these rewards, you will need to print or email the certificate of completion provided at the end of the survey.  Instructions for printing or emailing the certificate are below:

For PC users

  1. Hit the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard.
    2.  Paste the image of the completion screen into a Word Document.
    3.  Save the document.
    4.  Attach the document to a course mail and send to instructor.

For Mac users

  1. Hit command+shift+3
    2. The screen image will appear as a .png file on the desktop.
    3. Attach the .png file to a course mail and send to instructor.