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Green Cleaning Program

This is a part of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification program (LEED).  With the right chemicals, equipment, and training, the university can establish an effective green cleaning program which will improve indoor air quality.

The goal of green cleaning is to minimize the cleaning's effect on facility occupants and workers, as well as the environment.  In addition to using environmentally preferable cleaning chemicals, this program requires a variety of tools, products, equipment, and staff training.

Green cleaning components:

  1. Use high-performance entry matting systems- 12 to 15 feet at all entrances and other key locations inside and outside a building.
  2. Use a high-filtration vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter and sealed casings and hose connections.
  3. Use low-moisture carpet extractor- use about 1 gallon of water per minute and the carpet can dry in 30 minutes (old extractor uses about 3-5 gallons per minute).
  4. Use Green Seal certified products such as paper, chemicals, etc.
  5. Implement Green Seal Cleaning Services Standards.
  6. Replace paper towels with electric hand driers to save paper and labor costs or use high recycled content paper towels and toilet paper.
  7. Use carpet manufacturer’s approved carpet equipment and cleaning method to maintain the carpet’s warranty.
  8. Provide staff training on the green cleaning process.