Campus Sustainability

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Campus Sustainability Plan

Facilities Services believes the campus sustainability program is an integral part of social responsibility.  The benefits of a campus sustainability program are as follows:

  1. It will use key resources like energy, water, materials, and land much more efficiently than buildings simply built to meet the codes.
  2. It will create healthier work, learning, and living environments by providing more natural light and cleaner air, and using environmental friendly chemicals.
  3. It will improve employee and student health, comfort, and productivity.
  4. It will save money by reducing operations and maintenance costs, as well as lowering utility bills.

 We have developed the following programs to conserve resources such as water, electricity and natural gas:  recycle material and reduce waste; use environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and pest control; improve indoor air quality and provide healthier work, learning and living environment.  This program consists of capital project design guidelines which try to meet Green Buildings' LEED standards, green cleaning program, integrated pest control management program, recycling and waste management program, and a utility conservation program.