Facilities Services

Image of Facilities staff help setup the W at Yager Stadium at Moore Bowl.

Facilities staff help setup the "W" in Yager Stadium at Moore Bowl.

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Type of Services Provided

The Facilities Services Department provides the following services:

  1. Architectural Services which includes project planning, design, renovation and construction management.
  2. Plant Operations and Maintenance which provides power, water, gas, steam, sewer, heating & cooling, and building maintenance service.
  3. Key & Lock Management which includes issuance of university keys for building and room access, and maintenance of building locks.
  4. Grounds & Landscaping Services which includes planting and maintenance of trees, grass and flowers.  Construction and maintenance of parking lots, streets, and sidewalks.  Moving university property, coordinated through the purchasing department.  Snow removal, event setup, trash collection and disposal. 
  5. Custodial Services* which includes cleaning the interior of buildings, small event setups, and minor pest control service.
* Facilities Services custodians service all campus buildings except Bianchino Pavilion, Bradbury Thompson Alumni Center, Carole Chapel, Memorial Union, and Petro Allied Health Center. For these buildings please contact Memorial Union main office at (785) 670-1454 for Memorial Union custodial staff; or Gil Herrera at (785) 670-1304 for Petro custodial staff.

Term definition:
FOAPAL: (F)und, (O)rganization, (A)ccount, (P)rogram, (A)ctivity, (L)ocation. The numbers of Washburn’s internal accounting system, used for charging costs to a department.


Chargeable Services

                The following chargeable services (1 - 8) require a Work Request submitted from the I-Service Desk.  The FOAPAL account should be typed in the “Account #” field provided on the I-Service Desk, then in the “Request” field please list the services needed.  (Work Requests not including the foapal may be rejected.)

  1. Repairs or adjustments to departmental (office) equipment:  office chairs, office desks, file cabinets, locks on file cabinets and desk drawers, carts, electrical pencil sharpeners, shredders, paper cutters, etc.
  2. Hauling for a department:  moves from one office to another or to storage, re-arranging furniture within an office, electrical additions in offices, delivering any off campus hauling.
  3. Temporary set-ups, and temporary electrical hook-ups for special events such as Homecoming, Career Day, Senior Day, Math Day and Band Day, etc.  Delivery of tables, chairs, or risers for special events.
  4. Hanging bulletin boards, message boards, display cases, window blinds, pictures, plaques, etc.
  5. Building specialized furniture for a department, such as bookshelves.
  6. Repair of mailboxes in UMAPS (University Mailing & Printing Services department).
  7. Sound Tech for basketball, football, softball games, special events, etc.
  8. Painting lines on athletic fields for events. 

Non-Chargeable Services

                The following non-chargeable services require a Work Request submitted from the I-Service Desk (these services do not require your FOAPAL).  Some items below may need immediate attention due to safety precautions, for these please follow up your I-Service Request with a call to (785) 670-1149.

  • Repairs or adjustments to classroom equipment: student desks, manual pencil sharpeners, etc.
  • Plumbing problems - trouble with toilets, water fountains, clogged drains, without hot and/or cold water, roof leaks, wet ceiling tiles, etc.
  • Air conditioning and heating - rooms or buildings too hot or too cold, units making unusual sounds.
  • Carpentry - trouble with door locks, door knobs, keys not working properly, doors not shutting or windows not closing properly, windows needing weather proofing, etc.
  • Electrical - light bulbs burnt out, ballast needs replaced, ballast smelling (emits a burning smell before needing replaced), handicap doors malfunctioning, elevators not working properly, bell tower and/or classroom bells not ringing properly, clocks showing wrong time, etc.
  • Grounds - any slick spots during cold weather, outside plants needing maintained (trimmed, watered), hazardous sidewalks (breaking, splitting), schedule a pick up for a large amount of recycling material or trash from offices, trash collection from building  dock/receiving areas, etc.

Other Services

                For the following services, please call Facilities Services main phone number (785) 670-1149, or the custodial supervisor's direct line (785) 670-1554, so a custodian may be dispatched.  (These few custodial duties are the only services that just need called in; all others as stated above should begin with submitting a work request.)

  • Routine custodial duties such as rooms need cleaned, floors need swept, trash needs emptied.
  • Schedule carpet shampooing.
  • Requests for large trash or recycling cans for temporary use in offices.