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Annual Reports

2014-2015 Report
Margaret and Sue working on a computer

Emily working with a faculty member

About Us

C-TEL Staff

Dr. Melanie Burdick

Sue Taylor-Owens

Dr. Melanie Burdick is the Director of C-TEL and an Assistant Professor of English. She has a PhD in Curriculum and Teaching (with an emphasis in composition and rhetoric) from KU, and a MA in English literature from University of Missouri -- Kansas City. She has been teaching since 1993, and has been at Washburn since 2011.

Sue Taylor-Owens is the Instructional Designer. She earned her Master of Science in Education, Information Technology emphasis, from the University of Nebraska - Kearney. She has been working as the Instructional Designer at Washburn since 2008.

Michael Clouser

Emily Czepiel

Michael Clouser is the C-TEL Washburn Tech Coordinator. He is a technical instructor in the Transportation Division at Washburn Tech. Michael is our point-person at Tech assuring that instructors at Tech have opportunities for technical education and faculty development.

Emily Czepiel is a Student Technology Expert. She is currently studying Business/Accounting.

2015-2016 Teaching Fellows

Zach Frank Chaz Havens
Zach Frank
Assistant Professor, SAS
(Technology Use and Availability)
Chaz Havens
Technical Instructor, Washburn Tech
(Technology Use and Availability)
Jericho Hockett Karen Kapusta-Pofahl
Jericho Hockett
Assistant Professor, CAS
(Active Learning Pedagogy)
Karen Kapusta-Pofahl
Lecturer, CAS
(Adjunct Faculty Support)
Kathy Menzie Tracy Routsong
Kathy Menzie
Associate Professor, CAS
Tracy Routsong
Professor, CAS
(Teaching Consultation Coordinator)
Sandra Tutwiler
Sandra Tutwiler
Professor, CAS
(Teaching and Learning Diversity)

Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning (C-TEL) is to promote excellence and innovation in teaching and enhance student learning at Washburn University and Washburn Tech.

C-TEL works collaboratively within the university community to develop and sustain a university culture that values and rewards teaching in all its forms and venues, respects and supports differences among learners, and creates enriched learning environments in which diverse students, faculty, and staff can excel.  We act as a resource for the university community by offering a wide array of research-based programs and services that support teaching.  We serve as a catalyst for university-wide dialogue that fosters a shared vision of teaching excellence and learning-centered education at Washburn and Washburn Tech.

Our Goals

The goals of the staff of C-TEL are to:

  • Create a community of faculty, staff and peer student educators focused on the craft of teaching.
  • Promote continued awareness of best practices in teaching and learning as reflected in literature.
  • Promote and support the effective use of new technologies in the learning process to enhance student learning.
  • Facilitate the use of teaching strategies that engage students in active learning.
  • Promote and support the diffusion of diversity into courses, curricula, and co-curricular learning.
  • Support research related to teaching and learning through assessment of student learning.
  • Promote the use of dynamic high impact practices to enhance student learning.
  • Promote and support the scholarship of teaching and learning.

2014-2015 Event List


  • Technology Symposium
  • Webinar Wednesday - Learner Centered Teaching: Where Do I Start?
  • Kick Off Open House


  • Webinar Wednesday - Using Group Work to Promote Deep Learning
  • Teaching Circle 1
  • Teaching Circle 2
  • Webinar Wednesday - Gamification: Applying Game Principles to Your Teaching
  • Teaching Technology Workshop - Gamification Using Desire2Learn


  • Webinar Wednesday -Five Tips for Writing Learning Outcomes
  • Assessment Extravaganza
  • First Year Faculty Mentor Program Luncheon
  • Crafting Learning Outcomes Workshop
  • Social Media Monday - Using Social Media Analytics for Program Review
  • Webinar Wednesday - Assessment Strategies for a Flipped Classroom
  • Teaching Technology Workshop - Using Polling Software for Formative Assessment
  • Social Media Monday - Brainstorming Session on Using Social Media for the Assessment of Student Learning
  • Teaching Circle 3
  • Teaching Circle 4
  • New Faculty Catharsis Lunch


  • Webinar Wednesday - Is Service Learning Right For My Class?
  • Assessing High Impact Community Engagement Practices Workshop
  • Speaker - An Overview of High Impact Community Engagement Practices
  • High Impact Community Engagement Practices: What's In It for You? Workshop
  • Teaching Circle 5
  • High Impact Community Engagement Practices: What Are They and Who Uses Them? Workshop
  • Webinar Wednesday - Service Learning Course Design
  • Faculty Dinner - Teaching Tales
  • Teaching Technology Workshop - Facilitating Communication with Video Conferencing


  • Webinar Wednesday - How to Make Exams More about Learning and Less About Grades?


  • Webinar Wednesday - How Do I Create a Climate For Learning in My Classroom
  • New Faculty Mentor Reception


  • Social Media Monday - Voice and Tone
  • Streaming Protocol Videos Improve Student Proficiency in Biology Lab Techniques Workshop
  • Webinar Wednesday - How Do I Use VoiceThread?
  • Class Activities that Promote Deep Learning Workshop
  • Speaker - The End of Wonder in the Age of Whatever
  • Social Media Monday - Time Management
  • Teaching Circle 7
  • Social Media Monday - Facebook 30/30
  • Webinar Wednesday - Learner Centered Technology: Aligning Technology and Learning Goals
  • Teaching Technology Workshop - Screencasting
  • Social Media Monday - Twitter
  • Flip Your Class Workshop


  • Social Media Monday - Instagram and Photography
  • Webinar Wednesday - Innovative and Collaborative Learning Environments
  • Webinar Wednesday - Teaching On-line Next Semester: What Do I Need to Know?
  • Optimizing Desire2Learn Use Workshop
  • Social Media Monday - SoundCloud
  • Teaching Circle 9
  • Teaching Circle 10
  • A Different Creature All Together: Effective Course Design For the On-Line Classes Workshop
  • Webinar Wednesday - 5 Ways to Improve Interaction in Your On-line Class
  • Teaching Technology Workshop - Using VoiceThread to Create Engaging On-line Discussions


  • Webinar Wednesday - How Flexible Should I Be with Non-Trad Students?
  • Working with Culturally and Religiously Diverse Students Workshop
  • C-TEL and C-SPAN: C-SPAN Educational Resources
  • Healthcare Interprofessional
  • CTEL Players Present: Diversity Matters
  • Teaching Circle 11
  • Teaching Circle 12
  • Webinar Wednesday - 4 Ways to Engage the Multicultural Classroom
  • The Art of Lecture Workshop
  • Teaching Technology Workshop - Podcasting


  • Webinar Wednesday - How Can Rubrics Make Grading Easier and Faster?
  • Webinar Wednesday - How Can I Make My Multiple-Choice Exams More Effective?

C-TEL Advisory Board

The C-TEL Advisory Board provides support and advice to the Director, guiding the direction of programing and priorities for the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning.  The board is appointed by Vice President of Academic Affairs and its members represent the major stakeholders in teaching and student learning across the University.  Advisory Board Members serve a two year term.  Our current board includes:

  • Denise Ottinger
  • Sharon Sullivan
  • Kevin Charlwood
  • Michael Gleason
  • Elise Blas
  • James Barraclough
  • Johnny Lemon
  • Emily Grant
  • Shirley Dinkel
  • Jim Martin
  • Melanie Burdick
  • Rick Ellis
  • Margaret Wood
  • Randy Pembrook
  • Kelley Weber