Faculty Development

Steering Committee Members

Kevin Charlwood

Kevin Charlwood (Coordinator) - Mathematics
Ext. 1499

Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook - Mathematics and Statistics
Ext. 1498
Erin Grant

Erin Grant - Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Ext. 2216

Norma Juma

Norma Juma - Business
Ext. 3259

Bill Mach

Bill Mach - Nursing
Ext. 1896

Denise Ottinger

Denise Ottinger - VP Student Life
Ext. 2100

Barb Quaney

Barb Quaney - Allied Health
Ext. 3103

Bassima Schbley

Bassima Schbley - Social Work
Ext. 2137

Vanessa Steinroetter

Vanessa Steinroetter - English
Ext. 1117

Picture of Courtney Sullivan

Courtney Sullivan - Modern Languages
Ext. 2016
Nancy Tate

Nancy Tate (Associate VP Academic Affairs)
Ext. 1648 

Picture of Kelley Weber

Kelley Weber - Mabee Library
Ext. 1503

Margaret Wood

Margaret Wood - C-TEL
Ext. 2835 (CTEL)