Office of Sponsored Projects

Policies and Procedures

 To best support faculty and staff efforts in securing external funding, the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) requests the following tasks to occur at the beginning of your proposal preparation:

  • Inform Chair of the department, applicable Dean, and OSP of proposed project.
  • Submit copy of RFP or grant submission guidelines to OSP.
  • Consult with OSP Accountant during draft budget preparation to ensure compliance.
  • Submit to OSP a list of all possible subrecipients, new or visiting professors, or vendors, and a list of foreign parties.
  • Inform OSP of electronic grant submission requirements to ensure necessary registration.

Principal Investigator Training

Serving as a Principal Investigator (PI) requires a commitment to manage and complete the associated project for which you are requesting funds. To ensure PIs are familiar with expectations, the Office of Sponsored Projects requests that each first-time PI meet with OSP staff in advance of proposal development to review Washburn University’s and OSP’s procedures for grant proposal submission and award management.

If you are unsure whether you are able to serve as a PI or have questions about specific responsibilities, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Additional resources and information are on the Fact Sheet and Faculty Policies and Forms pages.

Internal Approval

The Office of Sponsored Projects oversees the internal approval process once the Principal Investigator has completed the proposal draft. Internal approval by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Administration and Treasurer (or authorized official) is required for any project requesting funds from external sources.

The PI should allow a minimum of 14 calendar days for the grant proposal application package to be routed through the approval process. Late submissions to OSP may delay submission to the sponsoring agency.

For assistance completing this form, please refer to the Guide to Completing the Internal Approval Form. The Internal Approval Form should be completed electronically, when possible, and submitted to OSP as a hardcopy with original signatures through campus mail or delivered by hand.

Note: If the PI is required to submit a concept paper, statement of interest, or letter of inquiry to a funding agency for approval before a full proposal is allowed, it is recommended (though not required) that that PI initiate the internal approval process during this stage to ensure the proposed project is free of errors and will meet WU guidelines. If the PI chooses not to submit the concept paper for internal approval, they are required to inform the Director of OSP, Chair of the Department, and applicable Dean of the proposed project before anything is submitted to the sponsoring agency for review. If the PI receives an invitation from the funding agency to submit a full grant proposal based on a concept paper, the full proposal will require routing through the internal approval process.

Export Controls for Non-WU Faculty and Guests, and Subrecipients

For more information on export controls and subrecipients, please contact the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Electronic Grant Submission

Listed below are links to various funding agencies that accept electronic grant proposals. Washburn University has registered with these agencies for electronic submissions. Since the number of organizations switching to electronic submittals is increasing, it will be necessary for Washburn to continue registering with different organizations. If you are working with a funding organization that requires an electronic grant submission, please let the Director of OSP know as soon as possible to allow time for the University to officially register and make the necessary arrangements with the funding organizations.

Each type of electronic grant submission process is unique. Some organizations (such as will allow the Principal Investigator (PI) to prepare an entire proposal online and save copies, but will only allow approved Authorized Organizational Representatives (AORs) to submit the final proposal. Other organizations (such as NSF FastLane) require that the PI register before access to the electronic grant forms is granted. Please contact the Director of OSP to review submission process requirements of the agency from which you will be seeking funding.

Note: ONLY persons approved as authorized representatives by Washburn University will be allowed to submit grant applications electronically. In addition, authorized representatives will not be allowed to submit a grant application (electronically or by mail) until the application has been through the University’s internal approval process, which includes obtaining all required signatures on the Internal Approval Form that must accompany the grant application.

Organizations Accepting Electronic Grant Submissions:                                

NSF FastLane                           

e-Grants (US Dept. of Education)

NASA NSPIRES                     

Additional policies established by Washburn University for the acquisition of external grant funding at the institution: