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Washburn University is located on a spacious, attractive campus in Topeka, the capital city of the state of Kansas. Washburn is a municipally supported, state-assisted university comprised of six major academic units; the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Law, the School of Business, the School of Nursing, the School of Applied Studies and the Division of Continuing Education. There are over 7,000 students enrolled in traditional undergraduate degree programs, two-year associate degree programs and professional graduate programs in Law, Business, Psychology, Education, Social Work, Criminal Justice and Liberal Studies.

As part of our on-going efforts to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all applicants, Washburn University gathers applicant data for each recruitment. The information will be used for statistical reporting purposes only and retained separately from application materials. Submission of personal information is voluntary. Please enter your information online and thank you for your participation!

Washburn University is an Equal Opportunity Employer. To enrich education through diversity, candidates from under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

The following vacancies remain unfilled:

Admissions Counselor Recruitment No. 5210517

Assistant Director SOL Information Technology Recruitment No. 4180517

Associate Director of Admissions Recruitment No. 5190517

Associate Director of Budget Planning and Analysis Recruitment No. ADBP0417

Associate Director of Tech Admissions Recruitment No. K0190517

Communications/Events Coordinator Recruitment No. 2440517

Course Materials Manager Recruitment No. 8090517

Custodial Worker I DAYS Recruitment No. 7000517

Custodial Worker I DAYS Recruitment No. 1134 0517

Custodial Worker I NIGHTS Recruitment No. 6970517

Custodial Worker II NIGHTS Recruitment No. 8290417

Director of Admissions Recruitment No. 5180517 NEW POSTING

Director, Nursing Undergraduate Student Services Recruitment No. 2710517

Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications Recruitment No. 10300517

Facilities and Systems Technician II Recruitment No. 5800517

Lead Maintenance Control Technician Recruitment No. 7340217

Maintenance Technician II Recruitment No. 7371116

Maintenance Technician II Recruitment No. 7330217

Manager, Payroll and Accountant Recruitment No. 11050417

Manager, University Mail and Printing Services Recruitment No. 6450517

Plumber Recruitment No. 7410417

Police Officer 3/4 Time Recruitment No. K1340417

Senior Administrative Assistant Recruitment No. 0290517

Senior Administrative Assistant Recruitment No. 0770517

Sponsored Projects Specialist Recruitment No. 10820517

Technology Support Specialist Recruitment No. 6280517

User Services Administrator School of Law Recruitment No. 4110417

Women's Head Soccer Coach Recruitment No. 8850517