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Student Records Administrator
Recruitment No. K301214

Washburn University Human Resources seeks candidates for a Student Records Administrator position at Washburn Institute of Technology (Washburn Tech).  The employee reports to the Associate Dean for Student Services.



It is imperative that the incumbent applies FERPA laws strictly to protect the confidentiality of all Washburn Tech students.  The incumbent is expected to apply the policy and regulations of the school, state and federal laws, and Homeland Security Regulations (immigration laws) relating to admissions to preserve the integrity of the school and protect student privacy.


Work with staff and administrators in the University Registrar and Admissions Offices to represent Washburn Tech interests in discussing policies, procedures and processes as they exist and change.  Develop and implement practices and methods that serve Washburn Tech needs in regard to student records processing while complying with University requirements.  As the Student Services representative, participate in planning discussions and activities with ITS and other University staff, to ensure the needs and concerns of the office are considered and that changes are implemented with minimal disruption and maximum utility.  Attend meetings with other staff from Student Services to present interests and concerns from a Banner perspective as they apply to admissions, enrollment and registration at Washburn Tech and to ensure integration of procedures that optimize Banner utility while addressing the unique needs of Washburn Tech enrollment.  Apprise the Associate Dean of Student Services of all issues and concerns relative to Banner and Banner processing.  Provide leadership by developing appropriate recommendations regarding the implementation of related technology (Banner liaison) applications in support of the continued transition to Banner’s self-service capabilities and in effect improve customer service.

Records Management

Identify and establish Banner control forms and validation tables each term, considering such factors as "Last Day" deadlines, term controls, maximum hours, time controls, overrides, time status rules, and continuant student type rules to support and allow Banner processing for Washburn Tech functions.  Work with ISS to test Banner updates and changes, working to resolve problems that are identified and calling upon Washburn Tech/Washburn University staff to assist as needed.  Using technical program sequences approved by the Kansas Board of Regents, establish enrollment sequences in Banner to allow electronic processing of student enrollments, allowing students to progress toward program completion.  Code, enter/remove special status in student records to allow appropriate processing of student grades, record updates and accounts.  Scan and index documents and records into student Banner records to preserve records electronically and make them available to authorized Banner users.

Review and Assessment

Collect, record, maintain and report data from student records (grades, registration data, transcripts, mid-term verification, graduation requirements, student schedules, program rosters) for tracking and reporting purposes, in response to court orders and subpoenas and for other purposes as indicated, applying knowledge of FERPA regulations and ensuring the confidentiality of all information.  Investigate Banner processing problems, conduct research and call upon ITS staff for assistance as needed to identify the source of each problem, determine and implement appropriate solutions.  Review enrolling student(s) records to verify that records are up-to-date and in order for enrollment.  Work with advisors, students or other stakeholders as needed to obtain missing information and provide complete records.  Review and assess data from current student enrollments to determine the capacity for new students in all programs to allow maximum enrollment.  Run grade rosters, roll grades, calculate GPAs, code repeat and duplicate courses, calculate academic standing, update student records, post transfer credit, and perform other tasks as assigned while ensuring work is completed accurately and according to established deadlines.  Issue transcripts in response to requests made by current or former students, according to school policy.  Evaluate transcripts for transfer credit; consult the Associate Dean of Instruction as necessary.  Review and assess student records to verify graduation eligibility according to established criteria.  Produce and distribute certificates to graduates as appropriate. 


Assist the Associate Dean of Student Services with the organization of graduation ceremonies, including but not limited to confirmation and payment of musician(s), photographer, interpreter, ordering of food and flowers, creation of student cards, providing information regarding number and distribution of graduates, and working with staff on the University campus to schedule ceremony attendance.  Perform other tasks as needed to ensure the success of Washburn Tech graduation ceremonies.  Obtain third-party sponsorship authorizations from agencies and businesses for qualifying students; compile and forward documentation required by vendors and otherwise distribute documentation as needed to ensure accurate billing.  Provide detailed data to the Dean, Institutional Research and external entities so that accurate data is provided for audits, state school finance formula, financial aid and other associate audits.  Participate and serve as part of the Student Services Team to assist in all aspects of the enrollment and registration processes so that customer friendly services are provided.  Lead initiatives as determined by the Associate Dean of Student Services and Associate Dean Instruction.  Collaborate with administrators, deans, faculty, IT and advisors/counselors to facilitate and improve services to students.  Participate in professional development activities and serve on committees that support the goals and objectives of the Student Services Unit as part of the department’s continuous improvement process. 

Perform other duties as assigned.



REQUIRED:  Bachelor's degree.  Proven ability to analyze and resolve problematic situations and to make decisions in accordance with established policies and procedures; to learn new computer software with minimal instruction.  Demonstrated initiative to seek assistance as needed from available resources.  Good verbal and written communication skills. 

PREFERRED:  Experience managing and evaluating student records, using and or administering the Banner student module.  Work experience in a post-secondary educational environment.


Submit a letter of interest, resume, Resume Supplement for Administrative Positions, copy of official college transcript(s), and names and phone numbers of three professional references to getajob@washburn.edu or to Washburn University Human Resources, 118 Morgan Hall, 1700 SW College, Topeka, Kansas  66621. Review of applications will begin January 12, 2015, and continue until interviews are scheduled.  Salary will be established commensurate with experience.  Excellent fringe benefits package.  Employment at Washburn University and Washburn Tech may be conditioned upon satisfactory completion of a background check.