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Testing/ADA Coordinator

Recruitment No. K360814

Washburn University Human Resources seeks candidates for a Testing/ADA Coordinator position at Washburn Institute of Technology (Washburn Tech).  The employee reports to the Dean of Washburn Institute of Technology.


Testing Services

• Establish testing procedures according to guidelines and requirements provided by WorkKeys and other organizations to ensure appropriate, consistent testing is accomplished and that Washburn Tech maintains standards that will allow continued licensing to administer exams.

• Schedule, coordinate and administer entrance and/or exit exams for a variety of programs in a variety of fields or arrange for proctors to administer them to test prospective and current students at Washburn Institute of Technology.

• Recruit and schedule test monitors/proctors, providing training and instruction to ensure details of specific test guidelines are followed, tests are administered appropriately and to protect the validity of tests.   

• Work with Special Ed staff and counselors at the high schools to coordinate testing of potential students.

• Identify and reserve locations and work with Washburn Tech staff to ensure room set-up is consistent with testing standards.

• Order, receive, inventory, store and distribute testing materials, ensuring they are maintained in a restricted, secure environment to protect test validity and that appropriate testing materials are available to students taking exams.

• Counsel and advise students who have questions regarding approaching exams to make them aware of preparatory resources.

• Score or arrange for scoring of completed exams using scoring software or other methods according to availability and procedure.  Secure scoring software and train users in its application to facilitate exam scoring.  Record, submit and maintain test scores and exam outcomes as required, providing scores to Student Services as needed to support reporting activities and student advisement.

•Proctor safety testing, and program specific certification testing, as requested.


Provide Disability Services 

• Work with the University Chief Counsel, Equal Opportunity Director, and Associate Dean of Student Services to develop and implement policies and procedures for addressing disability concerns and accommodations as required by federal law.

• Attend conferences and seminars, research websites and journals, interpret court/government agency rulings to maintain ongoing, up-to-date knowledge of disability issues and developments as they apply to ADA and Washburn Tech.

• Develop and deliver presentations at Washburn Tech in-service events, develop and distribute brochures and meet one-on-one with teachers to educate Washburn Tech staff and provide assistance with ADA issues.

• Serve as point of contact for students seeking information and/or accommodation for school attendance and exam participation to ensure equal access for students who have disabilities.  Work with students as needed to help them obtain and present necessary disability documentation.

• Develop and distribute brochures among current and prospective students to ensure their awareness of procedures and contact information for requesting accommodation.

• Evaluate disability services and activities to identify areas for improvement.  Compile and submit reports of disability activities to the Associate Dean of Student Services and other WIT/WU staff as appropriate and requested.

• Review disability documentation, determine if the student qualifies for accommodation, and if so, what that may be.

• Identify and procure auxiliary aids, work with facility staff to arrange for building modifications, engage academic assistance for students according to their individual needs to ensure access to learning and to facilitate student success.  Follow up as needed to ensure accommodations are in place and working as needed.

• Proctor extended time for classroom testing, serve as a reader, assist or train students on the use of auxiliary equipment and assistive technology, provide other assistance as requested and necessary to provide equal access for students with disabilities.


Records Maintenance

• Establish and maintain a system of record retention and storage that ensures professional and up-to-date application of standards for documentation and confidentiality of student records related to testing and disability services.

• Document eligibility decisions and services provided for each student with a disability in an individual case record.

• Perform other duties as assigned.


REQUIRED:  Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of work experience and education.  Experience administering tests and/or testing programs. Attention to detail.  Proven ability to read, interpret and apply government regulations; maintain confidentiality and communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.

PREFERRED:  Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of disability laws and issues.


Submit a letter of interest, resume, Resume Supplement for Administrative Positions, copy of official college transcript(s), and names and phone numbers of three professional references to getajob@washburn.edu or to Washburn University Human Resources, 118 Morgan Hall, 1700 SW College, Topeka, Kansas  66621. Review of applications will begin September 8, 2014, and continue until interviews are scheduled.  Salary is low to mid $30K commensurate with qualifications.  Excellent fringe benefits package.  Employment at Washburn University may be conditioned upon satisfactory completion of a background check.