F. Employee and Labor Relations

For most operational questions, please refer to the Regulations and Procedures  

Table of Contents

 1. Purpose

2. Performance Reviews

3. Employee Relations

4. Standards of Conduct

5. Problem Resolution Process

6. Children in the Workplace


1. Purpose.

1.1 Policies. This statement sets forth the policies applicable to Employee and labor relations.

1.2 Establishment of Regulations. The Administration shall establish regulations and procedures governing performance reviews, Employee relations, and on-the-job standards of conduct consistent with Board policies, applicable laws and regulations, and sound and equitable business practices.

2. Performance Reviews (Reviews). The Administration shall conduct a formal performance review of all Employees.

2.1 Desired Results. The Review program shall be designed to: 

  • Facilitate communication between the Employee and the supervisor;
  • Provide a documented, supportable basis for making personnel decisions; and,
  • Provide supervisors with a means of keeping Employees informed about performance expectations and progress toward achieving them. 

2.2 Frequency. Reviews are conducted at the end of an Employee’s Probationary Period and no less than annually thereafter, or as provided by the collective bargaining agreement with United Steel Workers Local 370 L-4.

3. Employee RelationsThe University Administration shall maintain an environment fostering productivity and enhancing Employee morale. The Administration will provide for formal and informal communication with Employees regarding their work performance and the work environment. The Administration may also provide for corrective action when an Employee’s conduct adversely affects the University, its Employees and/or constituencies.

4. Standards of ConductOn-the-job standards of conduct shall be developed to assist supervisors in maintaining a productive work environment. The regulations shall recognize degrees of misconduct.

5. Problem Resolution ProcessThe University Administration shall maintain a formal process for Employees to use to address work situations with which they are dissatisfied.

6. Children in the Workplace.

6.1. Purpose. To set forth a policy regarding children in the workplace to:

  • Reduce the potential for interruption of work;
  • Protect the health and safety of Employees, Students and children; and,
  • Reduce liability of the University.

6.2. Establishment of Regulations. The Administration shall establish regulations and procedures regarding the presence of an Employee’s child or children in the workplace during normal working hours, consistent with Board policies, applicable laws and regulations, and fair and equitable practices. 

6.3 Cooperation with Employees. Departments are encouraged to cooperate with Employees, when workload permits, for Employees to use breaks, meal periods and leave for addressing family responsibilities.