Staff Council


Staff Council Bylaws

Approved:June 3, 1998
Amended: February 3, 1999 (Article IX rewritten)
Amended: December 7, 2005 (Eligibility & Article IX)
Amended: 2010 (Eligibility; Article IV, Section 2, A, Section 4, Section 5; Appendix A)


The name of this organization will be the Washburn University Staff Council.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

The purpose of Staff Council is to serve as an advisory body to the office of the President concerning matters affecting eligible administrative and classified employees. Staff Council may make recommendation for policies and activities to the President and, at President's request, review and comment on policies.

ARTICLE III - Membership

Section 1: Eligibility

A.  Eligible employees are those employees in full-time or part-time administrative or classified positions except:  faculty employees; members of the positions included in the Memorandum of Agreement between the University and United Steelworks of America Local 307 L-4; and seasonal and temporary employees.
B. Membership of the Staff Council will be those eligible administrative and classified employees, elected by their respective groups (See Appendix A). These groups will be maintained by the Staff Council and rearranged as needed.
C. The Staff Council will be composed of 18 members. Members will be elected by the eligible administrative and Classified employees from a ballot comprised of nominated staff. Six members will be chosen from among administrative staff and ten from classified staff as described in Appendix A. First Runners-up in each group will serve as alternates. In the case of a tie, a runoff election will be held. If this also results in a tie, a coin toss will determine the winner.
D. The elected members will serve for a term of two years.
E. Terms will be staggered with half of the administrative and half of the classified representative elected every year. Admin groups A C E and Hourly groups A C E G I K will be elected in even numbered years. Admin groups B D F G and Hourly groups B D F H J will be elected in odd numbered years.
F. Terms for elected members will run from Oct 1 to Sept 30.
G. Individuals can serve no more than 2 consecutive terms, but can be re-elected after at least 1 year or 1 term off the council.

Section 2: Responsibilities

A. Represent the interests of that group of Washburn University employees which has selected him/her for the position, rather than representing his/her own personal interests.
B. Provide a method of two-way communication between himself/herself and those in the group represented. It is important that such a method is used regularly to share the actions of the council with those represented. Conversely, it is important to use that method to solicit the opinions and reactions of those represented and to share those with the council.
C. Make time to attend meetings of the Staff Council in a regular and timely fashion.
D. Be willing to serve on a Staff Council subcommittee if requested.
E. Will always ask alternate to attend any meetings that conflict with member's schedule.

Section 3: Transfer or Termination of Membership

A. Membership on the Council will not be transferable to another person except as defined below or through the election process.
B. The term of a member ends upon separation from service with the University or receipt by the chair of written resignation by the member.
C. Council vacancies are filled by the alternate from the last election for the balance of vacated term.
D. If an alternate was not elected, the Chairperson will appoint a representative from the respective group to fill the vacancy.

ARTICLE IV - Elections

Section 1: Nominations

The Nominations and Elections Committee will send out nomination letters to all eligible administrative and classified employees in August. These letters inform the eligible administrative and classified employees of those members of the Staff Council who have completed their service and that nominations are being solicited for new Council members. Staff members may nominate themselves and/or as many others as they wish within each group.
Anyone accepting a nomination will be eligible to be elected as a Staff Council member from their representative group.

Section 2: Staff Council Nominees

A. After the closing date for nominations, the Nominations and Elections Committee will confirm the nominations, answer any questions the individuals may have, and verify those individuals' willingness to serve and run as nominees to the Staff Council.
B. If no nominations have been received by the Nominations and Elections Committee for a representative of any group, the Committee members shall personally contact eligible employees to solicit volunteer(s) to serve on the council from that group and shall place the volunteer’s name(s) on the election ballot.

Section 3: Ballot

When all nominations have been confirmed, the Nominations and Elections Committee will put together ballots for each of the representative groups. All nominations must have ballots sent even if only one name is listed.

Section 4: Elections

Notification of the election deadline will be sent to all eligible administrative and classified employees at least twenty days in advance. The notification will also provide information on absentee voting.

Ballots will be distributed via the University mail system or personal delivery or email. ALL eligible administrative and classified employees will have the opportunity to vote and return the ballots for a one week period.

Section 5: Notification

All nominees and their groups will be notified in writing of the election results. The committee will prepare congratulation letters to be sent from the President's office to newly elected Council members and their supervisors.

ARTICLE V - Officers

Section 1:

The officers of the Staff Council will be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary.

Section 2: Term of Office

A. The Officers will be elected by the Council at the first meeting of the newly-elected Council to be held within thirty days of elections.
B. The Officers will hold a one-year, term, and will hold office until their successors are elected.

Section 3: Chairperson

The Chairperson will schedule rooms for each meeting, preside at all meetings of the Staff Council, manage the business of the Staff Council and carry into effect all resolutions of the Council by providing a copy of the resolution to the president and other concerned parties. The Chairperson will serve as liaison to the University President meeting occasionally as situations warrant.

Section 4: Vice-Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson will, in the Chairperson's absence, perform the duties of the Chairperson.

Section 5: Secretary

The Secretary will attend all meetings of the Staff Council and act as clerk thereof, and record all votes and minutes of all proceedings. The Secretary will also distribute minutes to Council members.

ARTICLE VI - Committees

Section 1: Nominations and Elections Committee

A. Will solicit nominations for Staff Council members and prepare a ballot of names.
B. Will conduct the elections each year.
C. Will count the ballots and publicize the results.

Section 2: Ad Hoc Committee(s)

A. Will be formed as needed at the discretion of the Chairperson.

ARTICLE VII - Meetings

Section 1: Scheduled Meetings

A. The Staff Council will generally meet once a month. A minimum of ten meetings per calendar year will be held. All
regular monthly Staff Council meetings will be open.
B. Special meetings will be called as required by the chairperson.
C. A simple majority will constitute a quorum.

Section 2: Agenda

An agenda will be presented by the Chairperson for each meeting of the Council.

ARTICLE VIII - Parliamentary authority

In the absence of any special rules which the Council may adopt, Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall govern the conduct of procedure of Council meetings.

ARTICLE IX - Amendments to the Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended only by a two-thirds majority vote of all elected members (or their respective alternate) of the Washburn University Staff Council. Notice of proposed amendments will be sent to all Staff Council members at least 14 days in advance of voting.


The following groups of staff will each elect 1 representative to the Staff Council. Group membership will be adjusted by the Council as needed. The numbers shown indicate the number of eligible administrative and classified employees in October 2010.

  • 27 ADMIN A (Petro and International House)
    • Athletics (23)
    • International Programs (3)
    • Nursing (1)
  • 32 ADMIN B (Morgan)
    • Academic Scheduling & Commencement (1)
    • Business Serv. (2)
    • Career Services (3)
    • Counseling (2)
    • Center for Undergraduate Studies and Programs (6)
    • Human Resources (3)
    • President’s Office (4)
    • Purchasing (2)
    • Student Health Services (2)
    • University Counsel and Board Secretary (1)
    • University Mail and Printing Services (2)
    • University. Police (1)
    • University Relations (3)
  • 27 ADMIN C (Morgan)
    • Admissions (9)
    • Enrollment Management (1)
    • Finance Office (4)
    • Financial Aid (5)
    • Multicultural Affairs (1)
    • Registrar (2)
    • Student Life (2)
    • Student Services (1)
    • Information Systems and Services (2)
  • 29 ADMIN D  (KTWU, Henderson, Mabee, SBDC)
    • Information Systems and Services (6)
    • KTWU (18)
    • Leadership Institute (1)
    • Mabee Library (1)
    • Small Business Development Center (2)
    • School of Business (1)
  • 36 ADMIN E (Memorial Union, Bradbury Thompson, Law School, Mulvane)
    • Academic Affairs (1)
    • Administration and Treasurer (3)
    • Alumni Affairs (3)
    • Bookstore (3)
    • Institutional Research (3)
    • Mulvane Art Museum (5)
    • Memorial Union/Business Services (3)
    • School of Law (12)
    • Student Activities and Greek Life (2)
  • 34 ADMIN F (Benton, Facilities, Bennett, Carnegie, LLC, SRWC, Washburn Village)
    • Applied Studies, Dean’s Office (1)
    • Center for Community Services (2)
    • Education (1)
    • Facilities (5)
    • Information Systems and Services (18)
    • Living and Learning Center/Residential Living (2)
    • Student Recreation and Wellness Center/Employee Wellness (4)
    • Washburn Village (1)
  • 49 ADMIN G (Washburn Institute of Technology)
  • 29 HOURLY A (Morgan, SBDC)
    • Police (18)
    • Student Health Services (2)
    • University Mail and Printing Services (8)
    • Small Business Development Center (1)
  • 18 HOURLY B (Morgan)
    • Career Services (1)
    • Center for Undergraduate Studies and Programs  (2)
    • College of Arts and Sciences (3)
    • Communication. (1)
    • Education (3)
    • English (1)
    • Information Systems and Services (3)
    • Math (1)
    • Modern Languages (1)
    • President ‘s Office(1)
    • Univ. Relations (1)
  • 19 HOURLY C (Morgan)
    • Admissions (6)
    • Finance Office (10)
    • Human Resources (2)
    • Purchasing (1)
  • 21 HOURLY D (Morgan)
    • Enrollment Management (1)
    • Financial Aid (7)
    • Multicultural  Affairs(1)
    • Registrar (10)
    • Student Life (1)
    • Student Services (1)
  • 29 HOURLY E (Henderson, Mabee, Benton)
    • School of Applied Studies (2)
    • History (1)
    • ISS (9)
    • Leadership Institute (1)
    • Mass Media (1)
    • Political Science (1)
    • Psychology (1)
    • School of Business (4)
    • Sociology and Anthropology(1)
    • Mabee Library (8)
  • 18 HOURLY F (Memorial Student Union, SRWC)
    • Bookstore (10)
    • Ichabod Service Center (2)
    • Memorial Union/University Scheduling (4)
    • Student Activities and Greek Life (1)
    • Student Recreation and Wellness Center (1)
  • 22 HOURLY G (Benton, KTWU)
    • Allied Health (2)
    • Center for Community Services (1)
    • Criminal Justice (1)
    • School of Applied Studies (2)
    • KTWU (13)
    • Office of Academic Outreach (1)
    • Social Work (2)
  • 24 HOURLY H (Bradbury Thompson, Mulvane, Art, Garvey, Mulvane, Bennett)
    • Academic Affairs (3)
    • Administration and Treasurer (1)
    • Alumni Affairs (1)
    • Art (1)
    • Information Systems and Services (6)
    • Institutional Research (1)
    • International Programs (1)
    • Mulvane Art Museum (2)
    • Mulvane Gift Shop (2)
    • Music (3)
    • Philosophy (1)
    • Theatre (2)
  • 17 HOURLY I (Law School)
    • Law Instruction (12)
    • Law Library (5)
  • 25 HOURLY J (Petro, Stoffer, Facilities, LLC)
    • Athletics (3)
    • Biology (2)
    • Chemistry (2)
    • Facilities Services (8)
    • Information Systems and Services (1)
    • Kinesiology (2)
    • Physics and Astronomy (2)
    • Petro Custodial (1)
    • Nursing Education (3)
    • Residential Living (1)
  • 20 HOURLY K (Washburn Institute of Technology)