This page features spreadsheet hints and tips for class spreadsheet projects. You will need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed (click here to download). Some of the videos are large -- they may take a considerable amount of time to begin streaming, depending on your connection speed and the age and condition of your computer. They will play fastest on the Washburn T1 connection -- if your home computer is too slow, bring a pair of headphones to any computer lab and work on them there. To further optimize your viewing experience, pause the video after it starts playing and allow most of the video to load before playing.


Getting started with the Chapter 11 capital budgeting spreadsheet:
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Flash Video: Download Financial Data from Capital IQ into Excel. Capital IQ makes it easy to download detailed financial statement data directly into Excel.

Flash Video: Download Financial and Economic Data from the Federal Reserve into Excel. The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank makes hundreds of time series available for download in Excel.


Materials for the Forecasting and Valuation Spreadsheet Project:

KO Financial Statement Data (from CapitalIQ)

Spreadsheet Template (in Excel 2003)

KO Answer Key

Finance Formula Sheet


The following videos support the Forecasting and Valuation spreadsheet project.

Edit the Capital IQ Data for our Analysis & Forecasting Model. This video shows how to edit the financial statement data from Capital IQ so that it conforms with our model.

2. Calculating the Income Statement Forecasting Basis. This video shows how to calculate the income statement forecasting basis for growth and percent-of-sales items.

3. Forecasting Revenue Growth. This video shows how to set up the revenue growth formula.

4. Forecasting Percent-of-Sales Income Statement Items. This video shows how to finish the revenue growth formula and set up the forecast for the percent-of-sales items.

5. Additional Considerations for Forecasting the Income Statement. This video shows how to finish the income statement forecasting section.

6. Calculating the Balance Sheet Forecasting Basis. This video shows how to calculate the balance sheet forecasting basis.

Setting up the Forecasted Balance Sheets. This video shows how to forecast the basic balance sheet items. Important: Just for now, manually type in the forecasted interest expense data from the answer key -- you’ll need these numbers in place to get the balance sheets to balance. In a subsequent video you’ll be shown how to calculate pro forma interest expense in a way that will be interactive with the pro forma balance sheets.

Forecasting Retained Earnings and Long-Term Debt. This video provides more detailed instruction regarding the forecasts for Retained Earnings and Long-Term Debt and shows how to balance in the first pro forma year.

Balancing the Remaining Pro Forma Balance Sheet Years. This video shows how to balance the remaining pro forma balance sheet years.

10. Financial Ratio and Valuation Analysis. This video shows how to calculate various financial ratios and valuation metrics, and how to complete the all-important weighted average cost of capital section.

11. Making Interest Expense Interactive with the Forecasted Balance Sheets. This video shows how to make your forecasted interest expense interactive with the forecasted balance sheets.

12. Piotroski Index and Altman Score. This video explains the Piotroski Financial Fitness Index and the Altman Probability of Bankruptcy Z-Score.


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