Email/Calendar Info

Office 365

General Information

  • Login to your computer using your email address ( and WUAD pasword (the one you usually log into your computer with)
  • Outlook Web App is at
    • Login using your email address ( and WUAD password (the one you log into your computer with)
    • If you logged into your computer with your email address and are accessing Outlook Web App in Internet Explorer then your login information will be passed automatically after you enter your email address
  • If you are using a different email program, when setting it up with the new system you can usually utilize the autodiscover feature
  • Email rules created in the web client run server-side.  Rules created in the Outlook desktop application run client side and will only be applied when Outlook is started or while it is running.

Recommended Clients and Applications

Microsoft Windows Systems

  • Office 365 University (Office 2016 for personally owned devices) is free for faculty, staff, and students.

Mac OS

  • Outlook for Mac will be used on campus
  • Mac Mail or Outlook 2011 (or higher) is the recommended e-mail and calendar client off campus
    • Mac Mail will automatically query Office 365 just like Outlook on Windows.  No manual settings are needed.
    • Disable Junk filtering in Preferences
    • On advanced settings set "Keep copies of messages for offline viewing" set to "All messages, but omit attachments".  Very important for Network Homes especially
  • Contacts
    • During the setup process Mac Mail will setup the link for Contacts
  • Calendar
    • During the setup process Mac Mail will setup the link for Calendar

Android Devices

  • Use the system mail app or 3rd-party mail app using Exchange ActiveSync or Corporate Account.
  • Lync 2013 for Android
    • Some devices may drop video calls on connection, confirmed for HTC Evo 4G LTE only at this time

iOS Devices (iPhones, iPods, iPads)

  • Set up using Mail, Contacts, Calendars as Exchange
  • Enter full Washburn email address and WUAD password
  • System will connect and confirm items to be set up (i.e. email, calendar, contacts, etc.)

Windows Phone

  • Setup the account as an Outlook account, input email address and password.  It will automatically setup and offer to install Lync if not already installed.  All items are automatically configured (Email, Contacts, Calendar, SkyDrive Pro, Lync)