MyWashburn Info


Account Activation

Complete the Activate Account/Retrieve Account Information form which requires your AAC and Washburn Identification Number (WIN).

Log in to MyWashburn for the First Time

  1. If you have never logged into a Washburn computer or your Washburn email, go to
  2. Log in with your Washburn email address and initial password
  3. Follow the prompts to create a new password
  4. After the password change is successful, go to MyWashburn at
  5. Log in using your Washburn email address and the password you created

Forget your password?

Contact or 785.670.3000. Please provide (or prepare to provide) your WIN, phone number, and home address or date of birth.

Receiving Error Messages?

If you are unable to access areas of MyWashburn (i.e. register for courses), please clear browser cache.

Do not forget to log out!

Use the Sign Out link at the top right of the screen to end your MyWashburn session. If you do not sign out, you may have problems signing in again in the same browser.

Navigation Menu

  • The navigation menu (on the left) remains on the screen as you navigate through the various areas of the Home Community. If you ever find yourself in an area that doesn’t have the normal navigation menu, click My Sites in the upper right and choose “Home Community”. This should return you to the normal navigation.
  • On mobile devices or smaller screens, the menu collapses. To access it, click the box with 3 lines in the upper left corner then click the square with 4 squares (under the ‘e’).
  • Your role (e.g. faculty, employee, and student) determines what areas you see and the content in them.

Directory Information

Students should review information about opting out of the printed campus directory. This information is available on the Students tab of MyWashburn.

Faculty/staff should review information published in the printed campus directory and the online faculty/staff directory. This information appears on the Employees tab of MyWashburn.

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