Faculty IT Advisory Council

The Primary focus of this council is the strategic use of technology as it applies to teaching and learning; including policies, procedures, and best practices.   Council membership represents the different academic units across campus as well as the Washburn Library and Information Technology Services (ITS).  The council will share information, discuss needs and opportunities, and make recommendations on policies, projects, and expenditures to the Technology Steering Committee. The council meets monthly during the academic year. The Council considers technology initiatives that affect teaching.

Members 2016-2017

Jean Marshall (Mabee Library)
Melanie Burdick (C-TEL Director/FITAC Chair)
Jeanne Catanzaro (School of Nursing)
Creighton Miller (Law Library) 
Jim Tagliareni, CIO (Information Technology Services)
Ross Friesen (Education-Kinesiology)
Linsey Moddelmog (Social Science-Political Science)   
Leslie Reynard (Humanities-Communication)   
Cecil Schmidt (Natural Science-Math)   
Maria Stover (Performing Arts-Mass Media)
Rusty Taylor (School of Applied Studies-Allied Health)
Brenda White (Instructional Services)
Rosemary Walker (School of Business)

Meeting Minutes


Members 2014-2015

Sharla Blank (Social Sciences)
Elise Blas (Mabee Library)
Jeanne Catanzaro (Nursing Education)
John Christensen (Law Library)
Floyd Davenport (Information Technology Services)
Takrima Sadikot (Natural Sciences/Faculty Senate Rep.)
Azyz Sharafy (Performing Arts)
Vanessa Steinroetter (Humanities)
Rusty Taylor (School of Applied Studies - Allied Health)
Rosemary Walker (Business)
Brenda White (Information Technology Services)
Margaret Wood (C-TEL/FITAC Chair)


Members 2013-2014:

Rusty Taylor - (Applied Studies)
Rosemary Walker - (School of Business)
Takrima Sadikot - Biology (Sciences)
David Pownell - (Education) 
Sharla Blank - (Social Sciences)
John Christensen - (School of Law)
Elise Blas - Mabee Library
Azyz Sharafy - Art (Fine Arts)
Jeanne Catanzaro - (School of Nursing)
Floyd Davenport - CIO/Director ITS)
Vaness Steinroetter - English (Humanities)
Margaret Wood - (Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning)
to be appointed - (Faculty Senate rep)