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What browsers can I use with the proxy server?

Since the library proxy server does not require browser configuration, most available browsers should be sufficient. Java and JavaScript must be enabled on your browser and it must be set to accept cookies. In general, you should use a version of a browser that is supported by the browser vendor. Note that Internet Explorer 5.5 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

How do I get a browser?

To determine which Internet browser and which version you are using:
Open your Browser (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.)
Click "Help" on the browser menu on the top of the screen
Click "About (name of browser)"
A window will open which provides the version of the browser (6.0, etc.)
To upgrade your browser, download a more current version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

Browser Configuration

Java and JavaScript must be enabled in your browser, and it must be set to accept cookies. These are the default settings in your browser. If you have disabled them, you must change your configuration before attempting to connect to a research database. Check my browser to see if it is configured for JavaScript and cookies.

How do I authenticate?

When selecting a restricted resource, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself with your username (first and last) and WU ID number. You will only need to enter your username and password at the first restricted resource to be authorized for the entire session of the browser.

WU faculty, staff and students: if you have questions regarding your WUID (iCard) please contact the Ichabod Service Center at (785) 670-1188.

Firewall/Pop-up Blocker Considerations

A firewall is software or hardware that blocks unauthorized access to your computer or network. Most companies use a firewall to restrict access to their internal network. You may also be running firewall software if your computer is connected to the internet via DSL or a cable modem. Remote access to library resources at Mabee Library is provided via the proxy server. All browser requests to the server go through port 80. Each firewall implementation has a distinct management interface and table structure. Because of these differences, the Libraries cannot provide detailed instructions for your implementation. Please refer to your user manual or contact your vendor for assistance.

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