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What Equipment You Will Find at Your Library

  • Mabee Library has one photocopier located on the main floor. Copies cost ten cents per page. The copier takes coins, bills (ones and fives) and money from your WU i-Card.

  • Mabee Library has one HP scanner, which can Copy, Scan, Scan film, Scan-to-PDF, located on the main floor.

  • Mabee Library has an electronic classroom with 30 laptops located on the library's main level. Washburn students, staff, and faculty can login and access their my.washburn accounts, check email, and word processing applications. This classroom is also used for library Instruction. The availability schedule is posted outside the classroom.

  • You can print from the library catalog computers or the ISS workstations. Print jobs are free to Washburn University students and cost ten cents per page for guest borrowers. The coin op accepts coins, one and five dollar bills.

  • Microfilm/fiche machines are located on the first floor. There is no charge for printing.
    Watch how to use the Microfilm/fiche machine.

  • An ST-200X Digital Microform Viewer/Scanner & Scan Write 4.0 machine is located on the main floor. There is no charge for printing. The ST-200X Digital Microform Viewer/Scanner is equipped with Scan-Write software. You can view, scan, save, print, and email microfilm, microfiche, and microcard images at very high resolutions. (One-on-one training sessions are available if needed.)
  • Laptop Checkout: Washburn University students, faculty and staff may borrow a laptop at the Circulation/Reserve Desk for use in Mabee Library only. A valid WUID is required.
    Laptops are available on a first-come first-served basis for up to two hours.

  • Televisions, DVD players and VCRs are located on the main floor. A multi-regional DVD for international DVDs is also available.

  • There are two CD players on the main floor. Please purchase earbuds from the Circulation Desk.

  • An audiocassette and record player are available for check out from the Circulation Desk.

  • The Curriculum Resources Center (CRC) has equipment that patrons may use to produce materials for classroom use.

  • A roller laminator with a 27 inch film width is available at the CRC. The laminator applies heat and pressure to seal film to paper products thus preserving materials.

  • A die-cut machine which cuts shapes by rolling paper over dies is housed in the CRC. A die is a block of wood with a shaped blade imbedded in rubber on one side. The numerals, a number of different styles of 5-point stars, geometric shapes, and a few seasonal images are available.

  • There is also a spiral binder with which students may assemble pages into book form with a plastic spiral spine. This is located at the CRC.

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