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May 2012 News Releases

Shawnee County high school students receive scholarships

Students attending Shawnee County high schools have been awarded scholarships by Washburn University. Students, who were able to attend, were recognized for their achievements at a recent scholarship banquet.

Students are listed below by their school and the scholarships they have been awarded.

Cair Paravel-Latin School: Amy Cornwell, academic; Melea Stone, Presidential; Sarah Walker, academic and Presidential

Hayden High School: Samuel Glennon, academic; Briana Heinen, academic; Matthew Hutchinson, academic; Kaylee McCaffrey, academic and Presidential; Carlee Seitz, academic

Highland Park High School: Alyssa Holloway, Presidential and Wiseman; Michael Nance, Presidential and Wiseman

Rossville High School: Rachel Beiker, Rossville, academic and Presidential; Kelsey Manuel, Presidential; Samuel Reesor, academic

Seaman High School: Gunnar Algott, academic; Sarah Christensen, academic; Monica Conaway, academic; Kyler Cowsert, academic; Christopher Denton, academic; Abby Dittberner, academic and Presidential; Kyler Emert, academic and Presidential; Abigail Gray, academic; Jordyn Haverkamp, academic; Dalton Heigert, academic; Jessica Jackson, academic; Katherine Kobzar, academic and Garvey; Donald Pierce, academic; Hunter Polzar, academic; Riley Propps, academic; Veronica Shafstall, academic; Connor Smith, academic; Alex Stattelman, academic

Shawnee Heights Senior High School: Regan Aeschliman, academic and Garvey; Davis Atteberry, academic; Matthew Bailey, academic; Connor England, academic and Garvey; Alexander Gunn, academic; Jackson Hermann, academic and Garvey; Zachary Hogan, academic; Alex Hothan, academic; Kyle Johnston, academic; Elizabeth Lane, academic; Daniel Lytle, academic; Ronnie McHenry, academic; Daniel Ming, academic and Garvey; Caitlyn Pearce, academic; Shelby Perez, academic; Amanda Pfeifer, academic, Garvey and Presidential; Haley Slusser, academic; Bernadette Smith, academic; Jessica Thompson, Presidential; Tess Ulrich, academic

Silver Lake Junior Senior High School: Matthew Athon, academic; Dylan Holthaus, academic; Danielle Larson, academic; Sadie McGough, academic, Garvey and Presidential; Jamie Pfannenstiel, academic and Presidential

Topeka High School: Denise Alvarez, Wiseman; Thomas Anderson, Wiseman; Zorrae Bowie, Wiseman; Collin Connor, academic and Wiseman; Forrest Evans, academic; Aaron Gomez, Wiseman; Damaris Gonzalez, Wiseman; Ursula Hagstrand, Wiseman; Kaitlin Hannigan, Wiseman; Alan Long, academic and Wiseman; Kent Miles, Wiseman; Nicole Montague, academic and Wiseman; Julian Mullican, academic and Wiseman; Aliza Rayton, Wiseman; Evan Robinson, Wiseman; Guillermo Rodriguez, academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Chantal Rogers, academic and Wiseman; Sarah Rush, academic and Wiseman; Capri Sales, Wiseman; Christian Smith, Wiseman; Dalton Smith, Wiseman; Brian Sonnich, Wiseman; Maira Sotelo, Wiseman; David Suarez, Wiseman; Kaitlyn Truesdell, Wiseman; Mary Ziegler, academic, Presidential and Wiseman

Topeka West High School: Maggie Crow, Wiseman; Trey Darr, academic and Wiseman; Maribeth Emmert, Wiseman; Cloe Evans-Wenger, academic and Wiseman; Jake Gregg, academic and Wiseman; Austen Hanley, Wiseman; Adam Kinsinger, academic and Wiseman; Alison O’Hara-Arrington, Wiseman; Benaiah Phelps, academic, Presidential and Wiseman; Lydia Phelps-Davis, Presidential and Wiseman; Sarah Press, Wiseman; Laura Ruhnke, academic and Wiseman; Justin Sly, Presidential and Wiseman; Brie Sutton, Wiseman; Lupe Vega, Wiseman; Krystal Wall, Wiseman; Colin Weishaar, Wiseman

Washburn Rural High School: Isabel Artidiello, academic; Jared Aspegren, Garvey; Abbey Breeding, academic; Taylor Brickei, academic; Zachary Cope, academic; LeighAnn Defendorf, academic and Presidential; Kelsey Donaldson, academic; Jordan Emerson, academic; Shianne Garrett, academic; McKensie Gnagi, Garvey and Richey; Maili Hiyane, academic; Kiley Horton, academic; James Jordan, academic; Kyle Lewis, Bryden; Brent Puett, academic; Gwendolyn Shepler, Presidential; Lauren Zeller, academic, Garvey and Shaw

Scholarship Descriptions:

Bryden Scholarship - A $2,500 scholarship given to one freshman who is a Presidential Scholarship recipient and the award is based on an essay submitted by the student. This award replaces the Presidential Scholarship award. To renew it, the student must maintain a grade point average of 3.25.

Freshman Academic Scholarship - To qualify for academic scholarships, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

Garvey Competitive Exam Scholarship - Scholarships range between $500 and $2,000 and are given to those with the 28 highest exam scores. To renew the scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.25. Students must have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.25 in order to register for the exam.

Presidential Scholarship - Awarded to two students from each Shawnee County high school (20 total awards) in the amount of $1,000. Students must be graduating seniors from a Shawnee County high schools, have minimum grade point averages of 3.5, and be nominated by their respective guidance counselors by February 15. To renew the scholarship, the student must maintain a grade point average of 3.25.

Richey Scholarship - A $6,000 scholarship awarded to three students who achieve high school grade point averages of 3.8 or higher and a minimum 29 ACT. The Richey scholarship application is due by January 6, 2012. This award will replace the general academic scholarships. To renew this scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.50.

Shaw Scholarship - A $1,250 scholarship awarded to four students pursuing a pre-law or pre-med major. To be eligible, first-time freshmen must have a completed admissions file; at least a 3.5 grade point average and a 28 ACT: and a completed scholarship application. Transfer students must have a completed admissions file, at least a 3.5 cumulative grade point average, and ACT or COMPASS scores if transferring fewer than 24 credit hours, along with a completed scholarship application. The award is limited to eight semesters for incoming freshmen or four semesters for incoming transfer students. To renew the scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 3.50.

Wiseman - A $1,000 scholarship awarded to 75 students graduating from Topeka High School, Topeka West High School, or Highland Park High School with a minimum grade point average of 2.00. To renew this scholarship, students must maintain a grade point average of 2.00.

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