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July 2013 News Releases

Mascot Boot Camp at Washburn University, July 29-31

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: Witness the art of nonverbal communication at Mascot Boot Camp from 10:30 a.m. to noon, dance studio/room 125, Petro Allied Health Center, Washburn campus.

Area mascot performers, including Washburn University’s Ichabod, K-State’s Willie the Wildcat, Missouri Mavericks’ Mac and the Royals’ Slugger, will learn how to better engage a crowd, without words, to make their mascot programs more successful at a Mascot Boot Camp, July 29-31, at Washburn campus. The Boot Camp will be a one-of-a-kind experience that specifically targets performers who dress as a character and whose job is crowd entertainment and interaction.

The camp will be led by David Raymond, owner of Raymond Entertainment Group, and self-titled as “the emperor of fun and games.” Raymond spent more than 16 years as the Phillie Phanatic, the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies, entertaining fans and instigating a million-dollar merchandising program.

The camp will be an enjoyable and intense training designed to enhance performance and emphasize other aspects of the job, such as costume management and care, physical demands, business management and logistics. Most importantly, it covers the "art of working a crowd."

"Just looking at the sports mascot industry alone, you are talking about a multi-million dollar industry," says Raymond. "Organizations spend a significant amount of their marketing budget towards character branding because they realize the power of fan loyalty as it pertains to merchandising."

 Raymond Entertainment Group, develop characters for marketing campaigns and special events, and designs mascot programs for college, minor and professional league teams including the New Orleans Saints; the Cincinnati Reds; the Kannapolis (N.C.) Intimidators, affiliate of Chicago White Sox; and the University of Delaware. For more information, go to

Amanda Hughes, university relations, 785-670-2153