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Washburn students present research at state symposium

Ten Washburn University students received awards for outstanding poster presentations of their research at a recent Kansas IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Symposium in Kansas City, Mo.

Receiving awards for their poster presentations were:

Michael Benfer, Topeka, “Cloning and Analysis of a Naegleria Gruberi Potassium Two-Pore Channel cDNA.”

Keith Wagers, Topeka, “Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Gold Nanoparticles as Colorimetric Probe for Melamine Detection in Milk and Milk Powder.”

Other students participating and the topics of their presentations were:

Carrie Buehler, Mayetta, “Bacterial Expression and Cloning of the Herpes Simplex Type 1 UL34 Protein.”

Jalen Dickson, Topeka, “Mechanisms of Solvent Free Reactions.”

Mollyanne Gibson, Topeka, “Development of Quantitative PCR Techniques to Assess Expression of Metal Uptake and Ribosome Biogenesis Genes in Bacillus Subtilis”

Carole Jontra, Rossville, “Comparative Statistical Analysis of Differentially Expressed Proteins from three Species of Ragweed using Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis and ImageMaster 7 Software.”

Rachel Schomacker, Cheney, “1-D LCMS Analysis of the Proteins of Ambrosia Artemisiiofolia, Ambrosia Psilostachya, and Ambrosia Trifida.”

Maggie Schuetz, Holton, “Progress toward the Synthesis of Dipyrromethanes with β-Azo Linkage to other π-Conjugated Systems.”

Aaron Stadler, Topeka, “Detosylation and Hydrogenation of Cyclic Tosylamines to form Azamacrocycles.”

Sarah Walker, Topeka, “Ragweed Immunological Extract Analysis.”

To develop life sciences researchers in Kansas, the K-INBRE supports the initiatives of inspiring outstanding undergraduates to pursue careers in biomedical research, enhancing research capacity through faculty development and retention and expanding the biomedical research infrastructure among participating universities.


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