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Local students earn awards at History Day regional contest

Honors were awarded Saturday to junior and senior high school students from northeast Kansas who participated in the District 3 regional 2014 History Day Competition, held Feb. 22 at Washburn University. The event was sponsored by the Washburn history department.

This year’s National History Day theme is "Rights & Responsibilities in History." In all, 207 students from 12 middle, junior and senior high schools and a home school organization competed as individuals or as school teams according to grade level in the recent regional competition. Contest categories were individual paper, individual or group documentary, media, performance, exhibit or website.

Students were challenged to demonstrate knowledge of the historical context of their chosen subject. That included study of the intellectual, physical, social and cultural setting in which events took place.

Students earning first, second and third place in their category are qualified to compete in the State History Day contest, sponsored by the Kansas Historical Society. That event is scheduled for April 19 at Washburn University. National History Day, for state winners, will be held in June.

Categories, individual winners, their presentations and schools:

Junior Historical Paper
1st place:  Kaylee Berroth, “PMRC:  Their Fight for Music Censorship Rights,” Seaman Middle School

2nd place:  Nell Brennan, “The Stonewall Riots of 1969,” Topeka Collegiate

3rd place:  Katherine Mulqueen, “Miranda v. Arizona:  Protecting the Rights of the Accused,” Seaman Middle School

Senior Historical Paper
1st place:  Allie Crome, “Rubin ‘The Hurricane’ Carter:  A Storm of Injustice,” Seaman High School

2nd place:  Alex Haas, “Regulation Through Litigation, U.S. v. Causby,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Stephanie Bayless, “Impacts of Title IX on the Rights of Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” Seaman High School.

Junior Individual Exhibit
1st place:  Cooper Hochard, “Freedom for the Children of the DRC,” Topeka Collegiate

2nd place:  Kim Jalosjos, “The Voting Rights Act of 1965,” Seaman Middle School

3rd place:  Kai Glashausser, “Abrams v. United States and the Great Dissenter,” Topeka Collegiate

Senior Individual Exhibit
1st place:   Grace Hawkins, “Animal Rights.  Human Responsibility?”  Capital Community

2nd place:  Jesse Kern, “Tinker v. Des Moines:  The Fight for First Amendment Rights,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Abby Price, “Kent State is Burning,” Seaman High School

Junior Group Exhibit
1st place:  Jimin Park, Benjamin Little, and Philip Large, “Coal on the Great Plains:  Did the Kansas Canary Stop Singing?” Washburn Rural Middle School

2nd place:  Haley Kucera and Marissa Christensen, “Of Pure Blood:  The Lebensborn Program,” Washburn Rural Middle School

3rd place:  Dawson Hiegert and Yahaira Saliceti, “’Dummy’ Taylor and ‘Dummy’ Hoy:  Introducing Sign Language to Professional Sports,” Seaman Middle School

Senior Group Exhibit
1st place:  Alyssa Ward and Shelby Oldridge, “Bite Your Tongue,” Seaman High School

2nd place:  Gabe Wells and Alexander Gutierrez, “My Lai Massacre: An American Atrocity,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Zach Small and Caleb Reed, “The Brady Ultimatum,” Seaman High School

Junior Individual Performance
1st place:  Kathryn Rasmussen, “Are Three Imbeciles Enough?  Carrie Buck and the Sterilization of the ‘Feebleminded’,” Washburn Rural Middle School

2nd place:  Austin Van Aalst, “Opening the Flood Gates:  Curt Flood and His Battle for Free Agency,” Topeka Collegiate

3rd place:  Taman Kanchanapalli, “Gandhi:  One Who Stopped War with Words,” Topeka Collegiate

Senior Individual Performance
1st place:  Carly Fitzgerald, “History on Trial,” Topeka West High School

Junior Group Performance
1st place:  Jordan Frickey, Cassidy Haag, Kyle Kleiner, Kinsey Morey, and Mallorie Ogan, “The February Sisters:  The Fight for Women’s Rights,” Seaman Middle School

Senior Group Performance
1st place:  Makena Utech, Robert Finley, Grant Boyd, Victoria Sparkman, and Andrew Ralston, “Kill the Indian, Save the Man,” Seaman High School

2nd place:  Andrew Gill, Natalie Brodine, Emily Stanley, and Jeremy Wells, “Tinkering with Student Rights:  The Iconic Decision in Tinker v. Des Moines,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Ryder Chaffee, Brandon Stromgren, Clayton Smith, and Lucas Shaw, “A. Mitchell Palmer:  Cleaning up America, One Communist at a Time,” Seaman High School

Junior Individual Documentary
1st place:  Zachary Patton, “The Berlin Wall:  No Right to Leave,” Seaman Middle School

2nd place:  Amber Schmidt, “Euthanasia in America:  The Right to Die,” Topeka Collegiate

3rd place:  Cole King, “The Pittsburgh Drug Trials:  A Scar in Baseball History,” Seaman Middle School

Honorable Mention:  Phoebe Stottlemire, “The Humane Slaughter Act of 1958,” Seaman Middle School

Senior Individual Documentary
1st place:  Avery Munns, “We Shall Overcome:  How Tragedy in Selma Led to a Voting Rights Triumph,” Washburn Rural High School

2nd place:  Alexandra Lyle, “Engineering:  The Keystone of Advanced Civilization,” Hayden High School

3rd place:  Kiernan Downing, “Pioneers and Patriots,” Seaman High School

Junior Group Documentary
1st place:  Jacob Busey and Joseph Crome, “It is Better to Light a Candle Than to Curse the Darkness:  The Story of Amnesty,” Seaman Middle School

2nd place:  Emily Burd and Mason Loy, “The Piatt Street Crash:  Civil Rights and Civic Responsibilities,” Seaman Middle School

3rd place:  Avery Bocquin and Natalie Ford, “Triangle:  The Flames That Changed the Workplace,” Seaman Middle School

Senior Group Documentary
1st place:  Michelle Villagrana and Rachel Heald, “A Voice for the Mad” (Seaman High School)

2nd place:  Bailey Bushnell and Kendall Leatherman, “Lewis Hine:  Overworked Children Revealed Through a Camera Lens,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Ray Newins and Rylie Sebring, “MKULTRA:  Drugs, Sex, and the CIA,” Seaman High School

Junior Individual Website
1st place:  Michael Navarro, Jr., “The Delano Grape Strike,” Washburn Rural Middle School

2nd place:  Charlie Roeder, “How Denmark Saved Their Jews,” Christ the King

3rd place:  Sara Wheeler, “Branching Out:  How Title IX Has Influenced Women in STEM Fields,” Washburn Rural Middle School

Senior Individual Website
1st place:  Megan Lehman, “All Aboard the Orphan Train,” Seaman High School

2nd place:  Malcolm Mikkelsen, “Seeing Red:  The Palmer Raids of the 1920s,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Lauren Mulanax, “The Price of Protest:  The Miss America Protest of 1968,” Seaman High School

Junior Group Website
1st place:  Logan Murphy and Michael Wheeler, “Off the Bus and Onto the Field:  Negro League Players in Search of Equality,” Washburn Rural Middle School

2nd place:  Connor Bryant and Carter Sandall, “A Stretch on Mormon Rights:  The Extermination Order of 1838,” Seaman Middle School

3rd place:  Petre Dimitriu and Malcolm Lathrop-Allen, “The Nuremberg Trials,” Topeka Collegiate

Senior Group Website
1st place:  Tucker Morey and Nathan Henderson, “Andersonville:  ‘This is Hell on Earth’,” Seaman High School

2nd place:  Jaclyn Higley and Rachel Shelton, “Whitney Young, Powerplayer:  From Exclusion to Inclusion,” Seaman High School

3rd place:  Katelyn Hersh and Michael Devoe, “A Free Lawyer for You:  Gideon v. Wainwright and the Right to Counsel,” Seaman High School

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