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See who won the Washburn Swag competition and Kindle eReader

Ichabods showed their pride during the Win Washburn Swag competition, where contestants could answer one of seven questions for five days to win a Washburn swag bag, in celebration of Washburn Founders Day.

Sierra Valdivia, Topeka, one of the five winners, was the lucky winner of a Kindle eReader. The four other winners were, Sue Peek, administrative specialist, College of Arts and Sciences; Johnny Shamburg, Topeka; Tiffany Swafford, Boncarbo, Colo.; Mandi Walter, bba ’09, Topeka.

Below is listed the winners questions and answers.

Monday’s Winner

Johnny Shamburg, Topeka, Washburn freshman
What is your favorite building or structure on campus and why?

“Mabee Library I believe is the heart and center of the Washburn experience. It’s a place where all your college goals and dreams can come together and at the same time make a few friends on the way. It’s where I spend all my campus down time and for the next few years will be a place I call my second home. I thank all the men and woman who help all us students with certain subjects and daily problems. Especially those who take the time to keep the library open 24/5, so we can succeed.

Tuesday’s Winner

Tiffany Swafford, Boncarbo, Colo., Washburn sophomore

Have you met someone on campus who has truly changed your life and why?
“Coming to Washburn from Colorado was a big change and EVERYBODY has been so friendly, and always VERY helpful! During my change in scenery and trying to get adjusted to campus, the person who I can say truly changed my life is Jeannie Cornelius. Jeannie really taught me the meaning of what my college experience can be and what it doesn't have to be. Coming to Washburn after graduating high school with 33 credit hours of college as well, I just thought that my time at Washburn would be doing tons of crazy homework and a very stressful lifestyle. But, Jeannie sat me down and told me my options and she made me realize that my time here should be enjoyable, not a stressful experience. After talking to Jeannie, multiple times throughout my first semester and now during my second semester, I've learned that life is only as stressful as you make it. I can and will do everything I need in order to push myself as a college student and family member here at Washburn. Having said all that, I would like to thank Jeannie for everything she's ever helped me do and for answering numerous e-mails with silly questions. I wish every person who stepped on campus could get to meet this inspirational woman!”  

Wednesday’s Winner

Mandi Walter, bba ’09, Topeka
What do you love most about Washburn?

“There are so many things that I loved about Washburn. But, the one thing would be all of the opportunities I was given and being able to partake in them with the assistance of my professors and the university. I traveled to England to study at the University of Cambridge for a month during the summer with other students from Washburn. I met so many people and loved learning about different cultures. I also traveled to Italy to present a paper at an international wine conference. Thanks to Dr. Susie Pryor, she helped us get there and this was truly an amazing experience. After I graduated, I interned at an agricultural company in Regina, Saskatchewan and have to thank the School of Business for providing this opportunity. Two students were selected and I was fortunate to be one of the students. Another excellent opportunity and I've still kept in touch with several of the people I met in Regina. And, of course the courses, professors, colleagues, activities, organizations and the beautiful campus are also reasons that I absolutely loved Washburn!”

Thursday’s Winner

Sierra Valdivia, Topeka, Washburn junior

How has Washburn changed your life?

“Washburn has brought nothing but positivity to my life.  Washburn has provided something that I believe many other colleges struggle at, bringing a sense of belonging and community. Washburn has made me realize that the sky is the limit. Thanks to the faculty, staff, and students, I feel that I can achieve anything.  Faculty and staff do an amazing job at connecting and getting to know their students. They genuinely care about the success of their students. The programs, events and speakers, also bring together students at Washburn to create a community of students. I love Washburn and I am excited to continue growing in my time here.”

Friday’s Winner

Sue Peek, administrative specialist, College of Arts and Sciences

What is your favorite building on campus and why?

“My favorite building is Carnegie Hall. I love the historic value, beauty and architecture of the over 100 year old building which has weathered through a tornado that demolished several other buildings on campus.”