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Ross Friesen

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
1700 SW College Ave
Topeka, KS 66621-1117
Degrees & Certifications
Bethel College, Bachelor of Science
Univ of Missouri-Columbia, Master of Education
The University of Kansas, Doctor of Education
  • KN 300 A, Psych of Sport & Phys Act
  • KN 306 A, Org and Admin in Kinesiology
  • KN 333 A, Microcomputer Apps Kinesiology
  • KN 333 B, Microcomputer Apps Kinesiology
  • KN 360 A, Phys Ed Activ. Techniques III
  • KN 370 A, Facility & Event Management
  • KN 494 XA, Internship I in Kinesiology
  • KN 494 XB, Internship I in Kinesiology