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Mary Dockery, Author

Mary Stone Dockery

Mythology of Touch, Cover

One Last Cigarette, Cover

Blink Finch, Cover

Aching Buttons, Cover



Individual Works  

2010 and earlier:

“Giving”, Poem, FutureCycle Poetry, 2010, online/print

“Somewhere Inside”, Nonfiction, Touchstone, 2010, print

“Integrating the Spirit With Psychosis: Alternative conceptualizations of psychotic disorders,” The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, with Dr. Russ Phillips III and David Lukoff, 2009

“If I Say”, Poem, Flint Hills Review, 2008, print

“He Drew Me From Behind”, Poem, North Central Review, 2007, print

“Texas Stranger,” “Best Trailer in Town”, Poems, Spring Formal, Kansas City Art Institute, 2006, print

“The Glass of Wine,” “Untitled Modern Sonnet”, Poems, New Wine, Northwest Missouri State University, 2000, print


“Tender,” fiction, South Dakota Review, 2011 Winter, print

“Self Portrait as Mortician,” “Before They Paint Me,” “Tornado Elegy,” The Adroit Journal, Winter 2011, online

“Vacation,” poem, Weave Magazine, Issue 7, December 2011, print

“Spins and Shadows,” poem, Cobalt, Issue 2, December 2011, online

“Poem for Your Early Twenties,” “Your Place,” poems, scissors and spackle, November 2011, online/print

“Overlooking the Platte River,” Poem, Foundling Review, November 2011, Issue 1, online

“Flightologies,” Poem Series, Every Day Other Things, November 2011, online

“On Traveling By Car,” “Adjustments,” “Darkroom,” “Night Shift,” Poems, EdgePiece, November 2011, online

“After Solitary Confinement”, Poem, Down in the Dirt, November 2011, online/print

“Tornado,” prose, Prick of the Spindle, issue 5.3, November 2011, online

“As Young as You Remember,” prose, Red Lightbulbs, November 2011, online

“Spinning,” poem, The Medulla Review, November, 2011, online

“Returning From a Beer Run,” poem, Lily, October 2011, online

“Off the Map,” prose, Midwestern Gothic, Issue 3, print

“We Will Plan Big Things, prose, kill author, October, Issue 15, online

“Once in Bed, What a Woman Really Looks for Above All” and “The Sales Clerk Trying to Sell You a Vibrator,” poems, scissors and spackle, September, 2011, online/print

“Spider Bite Elegy,”and “The Best Way to Lie” poems, Every Day Poets, online

“Birthmark” and “From the Start”, poems, Adanna, online/print (2011 online, 2012 print)

“Duds & Suds,” Short Story, Midwest Coast Review, page 10, online

“The Woman Doing Cartwheels in the Living Room,” and “Picking Pumpkins,” poems, 150 Kansas Poems, online/print

“Pisces Elegy” poem, Blood Lotus, Issue 21, 2011, online

“After,”poem, Breadcrumb Scabs, Issue 31, August 2011, online

“Self-Portrait as Woman,” and “Self-Portrait of a Mortician,” poems, The Montucky Review, August 2011, online

“Smoking,” Prose, Blue Print Reivew, Issue 28 “Challenge” issue 2011, online

“Another July” and “Vacancy”, Poems, Hobble Creek Review, July 2011, online

“Every House on Our Street Has a Baby in It”, Prose, Thunderclap Magazine, Summer 2011 issue 6, online/print

“Juan, 2000,” Poem, Notes Magazine, 2011, print

“Swing Set” and “Road Out”, Photos, Midwestern Gothic, June 2011, online

“Pulse”, Poem, Halfway Down the Stairs, June 2011, online

“After Getting the Mole Removed” and Bare Ache”, Poems, A Clean Well-Lighted Place, 2011, online

“Mother,” Short Story, Mochila, 2011, print

“As a Child”, Poem, Amoskeag, 2011, print

“Light Rail”, Poem, Lingerpost, 2011, online


“The Emptiness Begins,” poem, Right Hand Pointing, October 2012

“The Widower,” “I Go Back in Time and Rescue My Mother,” and “Letter for What we Did That Summer,” poems, Midwestern Gothic, Fall 2012, Nostalgia Issue

“After Moving” and “Becoming Windows,” poems, Rose & Thorn Journal

“Before You Die” and “We Stop Writing About the Moon,” poems, Phantom Limb

“Overflow,” poem, San Pedro River Review, 2012 print

“Blue,” “Winter Myths,” “Our Home Becomes an Island,” poems, Menacing Hedge

“Scrapbooking,” nonfiction, Used Furniture Review, forthcoming

“Letter for What we Did That Summer,” “The Widower,” and “I Go Back in Time and Rescue my Mother,” poems, Midwestern Gothic, Fall 2012, forthcoming

“Postcard to the Wrong Address,” reprinted in Estuary: A Confluence of Art and Poetry

“The Fifth Night” and “Postcard to the Wrong Address,” poems, Flint Hills Review, print

“Love Letter for Virtual Particles,” Jelly Bucket, forthcoming

“The Meaning of More,” “Sister,” “Stretch,” “The Graves We Dig,” “Tache Noir,” poems, The Bookends Review, 2012

“How to Erase the Dead,” Rufous City Review, 2012, online

“Letter for How I Remember Myself”, poem, Skidrow Penthouse, print 2012

“Autopsy of Me”, poem, Mid-American Review, Fall 2012, print

“Postcard Number 64,” poem, Architrave Press, Fall 2012, print

“Greeting Card in a Missouri Accent,” and “Letter After Separation,” poems, I-70 Review, Fall 2012, print

“Josh’s Flowers,” Prose, Gargoyle, summer 2012, Issue 58, print

“When Momma Left Me”, Poem, Coal City Review, Issue 28 2012, print

“I’ve forgotten where my hands go” and “The smell of burning hair,” poems, A-Minor, Spring 2012

“The Lady with Knives,” and “from The Dopamine Letters,” poems, Melusine, Spring/Summer 2012, online

“A Night Without Stars,” Poem, Flutter Poetry Journal, March 1, 2012, online

“June’s Child,” Poem, Thrush, March 2012, online

“The Most Striking Thing,” Prose, Connotation Press: An Online Artifact, Featured Writer, February 2012

“Spice and Everything Nice,” Poem, Redactions, 2012, print

“Mother and Night,” “The Collector,” poems, dirtcakes, 2012, print

“Self Portrait as Affair,” and “What it Means When He’s Away,” zaum, 2012

“Love Letter 137,” Everyday Other Things, January 2012


“No Results Were Found,” essay, Arts & Letters, Spring 2013

“What a Lover Asks,” “Bury” and “Woman Finds Creepy Ex Boyfriend Living in Attic,” poems, The Poetic Pinup Revue, 2013 (February and August)

“Your Name is a Shape Made in the Mouths of Magicians,” poem, The Meadow, forthcoming

“Still Life with Tea and Book,” poem, Sierra Nevada Review, forthcoming

“I wait for dirty martini climax in a backseat,” and “Oh holy Monday morning intervention,” poems inspired by Facebook status updates, Gutter Eloquence

“Notes After a Breakup,” poem, Slipstream

“Researchers Discover Insomniac Birds are the Sexiest Birds,” Dressing Room Poetry Journal, 2013

“Digging for Wasps,” prose/poem, Santa Fe Lit Review, print

“I Can Leave You Like I Leave” and “Morning Comes,” poems, Saudade Review, January 2013

“After Hearing about the Infertility” and “After the Stillborn,” poems, Noctua Review, forthcoming

“Quit Day,” poem, Stirring: A Literary Collection

“Portrait of a Couple with an Overdrawn Checking Account,” Stirring: A Literary Collection

“After the Rape” – Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence anthology

“Alone, Before His Birth,” and “The Widow” – I-70 Review

“Portrait of a Girl Drawn with Neophobia,” poem, Mixed Fruit, print, March 2013

“Off the Map,” reprint of a short story, New Stories from the Midwest, Spring 2013, print

“Belated,” poem, Atticus Review, March 2013

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