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Mary Einsel's Kansas Map, Greensburg and Coldwater
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Mary Einsel

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Mary Einsel was married at 19 and lived nineteen and a half miles from town, 5 miles from her nearest neightbor. Mary first became interested in literature from her mother's father, State Representive W. B. Jackson, who had the only private library she had ever seen at the time. Mary has produced two books, Stagecoach West of Kansas, which was later redone as Kansas: the Priceless Prairie, and The Historic Santa Fe Trail. Mary has been married 63 years to her husband, Ralph Einsel, a WWII Marine Veteran who fough in the battle of Midway. They reside in Wickenburg, Arizona.

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Published Work  

 Stage Coach West of Kansas was sold to Pruitt Publishers for the then large sum of $1000. The book was so full of errors Mary later republished it under the name Kansas: the Priceless Prairie.

The Historic Santa Fe Trail, Mary's second book, has been very popular because of its genre, Kansas history. Many schools and libraries in Kansas carry Mary's work.

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Author Interview

  Q: How did you become interested in writing?

A: I started writing magazine articles, eventually getting published in the Cattlmen and the Kansas City Star. My mother's father, W.B Jackson, wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper and encouraged me to read often.

Q: How did you research for your first book?

A: You used to be able to mail letters to the Library of Congress and they would respond to your detailed question later on by mail. I did lots of research this way until it was discontinued. Now doing research is much easier with the internet and I don't have to wait weeks for a reply.

Q: Are you working on a new book?

A: Yes I'm working on a title that, as of right now, is called Wind Across America. This book highlights much of what we still have to be proud of in our country. I think people have forgotten about what great things we have done in our country. The other part of the book details many of the bad parts of our history that have shaped us to be who we have become.

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