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Published Works Continued...

“The Ne Plus Ultra of Cross Country Skiing” Kinesis (Fall 1995); 9-11.
“Return to Dodge City” Cream City Review (Fall 1994); 243-251.
“Strings Attached: Kansas Basketball” Kansas Alumni (Winter 1994); 31-33.
“Love and Death in the Machine Age” Buffalo Spree (Summer 1993); 76-79.
“Of Cattle, Bush Hogs, and Men” Buffalo Spree (Winter 1992); 96-101.
"Feedlot Cowboy" Manifest West: Contemporary Cowboy (Gunnison, Colorado: Western Press Books, 2013).
³The Fight² Bayou (forthcoming Spring 2013).


“Radials” Buffalo Spree (Spring 1997); 74-79.
“Nickel City” Northeast Corridor (Winter 1995); 83-100.
“Justice” Strictly Fiction II (Summer 1995); 112-123.

Literary Criticism:

“Contemporary Realism” Cambridge Companion to American Fiction Since 1945 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2012); 30-43.
“Minimalist/Maximalist Fiction” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Fiction (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011); 706-709.
“William T. Vollmann” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Fiction (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011); 890-891.
“Turncoat: Why Jonathan Franzen Finally Said ‘No’ to Po-Mo” The Mourning After: Attending the Wake of Postmodernism (New York: Rodopi, 2007); 201-221.
“Hick Chic, Huck Finn, and the ‘White Trash Aesthetic’” Kansas English (Vol. 81, 1995); 26-37.
“Born to Lose: The Modern White Prison Novel as Bildungsroman” Concrete Garden (Vol. 2, 1994); 129-141.

Book Reviews:

Review of William T. Vollmann’s Riding Toward Everywhere
The Georgia Review (Summer 2009); 350-353.
Review of Jennifer Brice’s Unlearning to Fly
The Georgia Review (Summer 2008); 442-445.
Review of Robert Root (Ed.), Landscapes with Figures: The Nonfiction of Place
The Georgia Review (Winter 2007); 874-876.
“Descartes Du Jour,” review of William Gass’s Cartesian Sonata
The Riverfront Times (October14-20, 1998); 38.
“Far From Home,” review of Dale Peck’s Now It’s Time to Say Goodbye
The Riverfront Times (August 19-25, 1998); 75.
“Repeat Performance,” review of T.M. McNally’s Almost Home
The Riverfront Times (June 3-9, 1998); 77.
“Goodwill Hunting,” review of Robert Olen Butler’s The Deep Green Sea
The Riverfront Times (April 22-26, 1998); 36, 38-39.
“Double Duty,” review of Lionel Shriver’s Double Fault
The Riverfront Times (September 3-9, 1997); 67.
“Rain Gauge,” review of Lewis Nordan’s Lightning Song
The Riverfront Times (July 2-8, 1997); 72.
“Moody Blues,” review of Rick Moody’s Purple America
The Riverfront Times (April 23-29, 1997); 33.
“All in the Family, review of Larry Brown’s Father and Son
The Riverfront Times (October 16-22, 1996); 69.
“Gordon Weaver: Writer of the Middle Distance”
High Plains Literary Review (April 1995); 101-106.
“Cormac McCarthy Crosses Over,” review of The Crossing
The Bookpress (March 1994); 6, 15.
“Bringing the War Home,” review of Thom Jones’s The Pugilist at Rest
The Bookpress (March 1994); 5, 19.
“Memoirs of a Road Warrior,” review of Chris Offutt’s The Same River Twice
The Bookpress (February 1994); 5, 17.
“Western Perplexities,” review of Thomas McGuane’s Nothing But Blue Skies
The Bookpress (December 1992); 7, 10.

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