"Eugene has a droll way of reporting without judging, of exaggerating until we see and feel the poignancy of the red-nosed reindeer who was forced to be different . . . When we meet Eugene's characters, we meet those unseen parts of ourselves we so carefull tuck away. "

--from Deborah Shouse's Introduction


From "The Brotherheads": You wonder how . . . one brother's drinking beer could give the other brother a stomachache. They shared the same body -- as you faced them Tudor Stan was the head on the left, Turner Omar the one on the right.

From "Mother of Mankind": I was going to get even. I had a goal. In my mind engeance took many forms. I spiked his breakfast. I lfet him. I tampered with his climbing saddle -- a few raxor cuts in unnoticeable places -- so that he'd fall, I hoped, from the top of a tree. Disadvantages to all.

From "New Cards": ". . . at my funeral . . .I'd like for you to wear a shirt that you've cut the sleeves out of to show off them tattoos that so many people has heard about but so few has actually seen."

From "Righting the Air for Mr. Wrong ": Estelle failed to keep her emotions in check when she entered the Miss America pageant . . . The interviewer, whose name tag said Mr. Bailey Flansburg, was bald and wore thick glasses which made his hazel eyes look to Estelle like something in an aquarium. She surpressed a giggle.

From "The Answer: Troy": Troy knew there might be a book and TV movie about his experience. He would say: "In my quest for self-esteem I made a mistake (that would be the big idea), but, hey, I learned from it, grew, and never shot anyone else."




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Rudolph -- Encouraged by His Therapist
by Eugene H. Bales

5-1/2" X 8-1/2"
108 pages





















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