A West Wind Rises was first published by the University of Nebraska Press in 1962 and reprinted in 1963.

"A West Wind Rises involves more than the immediate drama of the raid. Without once losing its astringent, unsentimental tone, it engages the reader's understanding and sympathy in the young Quaker bride, in the wife whose house and child are brutally assaulted, in the freedwoman, Winnie, who seeks asylum in Kansas Territory for her slave husband, only to lose him again to the slavery forces. It introduces the reader to the background of the struggle, to the strong, grim men who carried on the fight, to the hopes and dreams of the people involved in the tragedy, the 'people who lived and died ... for the land that one day would be ours.'"

--The Midwest Quarterly, 1963

"With skill and imagination the poet has woven a tale of almost epic proportions based on historical facts."

--Missouri Historical Review, 1963

    "Hamelton drove his victims along
    a grass ravine, lined them up five yards away
    and turned his guns upon them. A west wind swept
    along that smooth declivity, stirring
    the cottonwoods. The men who were condemned
    stood bareheaded and unarmed upon that slope,
    backs to the greening prairie that rose
    a grassland roadway to the Otherwhere."



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A West Wind Rises
by Bruce Cutler

5-1/2" X 8-1/2"
86 pages























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