1. NOTE: At this time, Woodley is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts. We are not sure when we will be reading again, as we finish existing projects.

  2. Woodley Press considers only Kansas authors' works for publication.  Woodley Press specializes in fiction, poetry, drama, and literary nonfiction.

  3. Woodley Press and the Bob Woodley Memorial Foundation are not-for-profit. We take this literally: nobody makes money from the sale of our books except for the authors we publish. Our board is all volunteer, and our goal is modest: we want to generate enough income in order to publish the next book.

  5. Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, a volunteer editor from the Woodley Press board works with the author through the entire process of pre- and post-publication, including decisions about edits, layout, design, number of copies, review copies and other promotion, etc. At all times, the author is greatly respected and highly involved in the process.

  7. We prefer to work with authors of first books, for whom the book is an important step in a writing career. We rely heavily on the author's enthusiasm for the book, because almost all sales are generated by the author's promotion of the book through mailings (we'll pay), readings and book signings.

  9. Since Woodley Press has no contract, this document serves as a guideline and a set of assumptions about Woodley Press. No contract implies no royalties agreement. In place of royalties, and in keeping with #3 above, the author may buy books at wholesale price (40% discount) for re-sale, and that 40% constitutes the writer's royalty. Anytime after two years from the publication date, the author may buy the entire inventory of the book. 

  11. Woodley Press guarantees that the book will be listed in Books in Print, and will have a presence on our Internet home page.

  13. The author will receive 10 free copies of the book, and the editor will receive review copies of the book to send out for promotion purposes (number negotiable depending on prospects and probable results).

  15. Woodley Press will help author submit book to competitions, awards and other venues to help enhance its reputation and the reputation of the Woodley Press writer.

  17. Woodley Press imprint and logo will be displayed prominently on all books published by the press.

  19. All rights to the contents of the book revert immediately to the author.

  21. Any other agreements beyond these assumptions must be made in writing, and approved by the President of the Woodley Press Board in consultation with members the board. 


Submission Procedure: 
We are currently not accepting manuscripts. Please do not send.
Inquiries accepted at: dennis [dot] etzel [at] washburn [dot] edu




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