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Kansas Poems of William Stafford
2nd Edition

William Stafford edited by Denise Low (2010)  Amazon Order
Kansas Poems of William Stafford William Stafford edited by Denise Low (1990)  Amazon Order
The Afterlives of Trees Wyatt Townley (2011) Amazon Order
Sky Land Michael Johnson (2010) Amazon Order
Atlas of Our Birth Serina Hearn (2010) Amazon Order
Standing on the Edge of the World Lindsey Martin-Bowen (2008) Amazon Order
From the Inside Out: Sonnets Brian Daldorph (2007) Amazon Order
The Sunflower Sinner Cynthia Dennis (2007) Amazon Order
Loading the Stone Harley Elliot (2006)   Order
Rebekah Order Lasagna John Jenkinson (2006) Amazon Order
The Great Blues Steve Semken (2005) Amazon Order
The Collected Sonnets of Robert N. Lawson Robert N. Lawson (2004)   Order
Animals in the House Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (2004) Amazon Order
Thailand Journal Denise Low (2003)   Order
Retrieving Old Bones William Sheldon (2002) Order
Flights Through Inner Space second ed. Eleanor Bell (2000) Amazon Order
Hunter Ranch Roger Kirschbaum (2000)


Lot's Wife Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (2000) Amazon Order
Horsetail Donal Levering (2000) Amazon Order
A West Wind Rises Bruce Cutler (1999) Amazon Order
Rudolph -- Encouraged By His Therapis Eugene H. Bales (1997) Order
The Gospel of Mary Michael Poage (1997) Amazon Order
In a Place With No Map Steven Hind (1997) Amazon Order
Gathering Reunion David Tangeman (1995) Amazon Order
The Monday-Wednesday-Friday Girl and Other Stories Stuart Levine (1994) Amazon Order
Killing Seasons Christopher Cokinos (1993)  Amazon Order
Looking for the Pale Eagle Stephen Meats (1992) Amazon Order
Kansas Stories 1989 edited by James Preston Girard (1989) Amazon Order
Ecphrases Michael L Johnson (1989)  Amazon Order
The Last Hippie of Camp 50 Al Ortolani (1988) Order
Hurrying into the Night Craig M. Goad (1987) Amazon Order
Jazz Moods Keith Denniston (1987)  Order
Cats in the House Philip Miller (1987) Amazon Order
To All the Islands Now Edgar Wolfe; 
edited by Keith Denniston, (1986)
The Preacher's Kid Robert Haywood (1985) Amazon Order
The Washburn Reader (pb) edited by Robert Stein (1984) Order
Four Thomas Kennedy (1982) Amazon Order
The Printer & Other Stories Larry McGurn (1981) Amazon Order







































































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