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Wireless access is available to Washburn students, faculty, and staff in the Mabee Library. Access the Internet, campus network, online classes, homework, and the Library's book and article databases from your own laptop computer by connecting to Wireless network access in the library.

Before gaining access to the wireless network, one must:

1. Posses a wireless device with a wireless interface card and configured for DHCP protocol connected to the SSID of "WUPublic". Only three wireless devices may be registered per person per semester.

2. Know your MyWashburn User Name and Password. If you have forgotten your MyWashburn User Name and Password, visit https://my.washburn.edu and select “Forget Your Password?”. If you have never used your MyWashburn User Name and Password, visit https://my.washburn.edu and "Retrieve Account Information."

3. Using a browser on the wireless device in an area on campus with a wireless access point, try to access http://netreg.washburn.edu/.

4. The Washburn University Wireless Registration screen should appear. If it does not:
A. Determine if you are in a location on campus with wireless availability.
B. Make sure the wireless card is properly installed in the wireless device.
C. Check the wireless network configuration to make sure it is set up for DHCP.
D. Check to make sure the time and date on the wireless device are accurate.
E. Delete the browser’s temporary Internet files (cache). In Internet Explorer, this is done by selecting Tools, then Internet Options.
F. Go to step (3) and try again. If the University Wireless Registration screen does not appear, stop by Bennett 104, call 785-670-3000, or contact support@washburn.edu.

5. Enter your MyWashburn User Name and Password.

6. Read the information on the screen.

7. Indicate your agreement to the stated terms by selecting the "Accept" button.

8. When the confirmation screen appears, reboot the system.

Our Wireless Policy must be accepted before wireless support is available.

No Dialup service is provided.

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