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Homecoming Open Mic Night 2013

Join us at Mabee Library on Wednesday, October 23rd at 7:00 p.m. for a special Homecoming Open Mic event as we become a venue for Washburn Community Creativity through comedy, poetry, music, drama & dance.

Prizes include:
First Prize: Target Gift Card
Second Prize: iTunes Gift Card
Third Prize: Ichabod Shop Gift Card

Talent Lineup:
Bryce Korf - Washburn Players
Omar Chavez - HALO
Kelsea Shellenberger - Alpha Phi
Molly Roneau - Zeta Tau Alpha
Brittany Schuman and Baylee Kampfe - WU Cheer
Corey Boehmer
Brendan Funk and Adam Fritz - Kappa Sigma
Bethany Curtis
Trent Greene - Alpha Delta

Entry Form due October 11th at NOON.

Homecoming Poster