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Liaisons by Academic Department Served

Main telephone number: (785) 670-2485
All extensions can be dialed directly as (785) 670-xxxx
Electronic mail domain name:

Academic Department Department Faculty Representative Library Liaison Email Extension
Allied Health Keith Farwell Gwen Wilson gwen.wilson x2609
Art Dr. Kelly Watt Cal Melick cal.melick x1276
Biology Dr. Andrew Herbig Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
School of Business
Dr. Rob Hull Kelley Weber x1503
Centers and Initiatives N/A David Winchester david.winchester x1193
Chemistry Dr. Seid Adem Sean Bird sean.bird x1490
Communication Dr. Leslie Reynard Elise Blas elise.blas x2507
Computer Information Science Dr. David Bainum
Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Criminal Justice Tony Palbicke David Winchester david.winchester x1983
Carnegie Education Library N/A Royce Kitts royce.kitts x1956
Education Dr. Michael Rettig Royce Kitts royce.kitts x1956
English Dr. Erin D. Chamberlain Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
History Dr. Alan Bearman David Winchester david.winchester x1193
Human Services Dr. Brenda Ridgeway Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Kinesiology Dr. Margie Miller Gwen Wilson gwen.wilson x2609
Mass Media Dr. Frank Chorba Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Mathematics and Statistics Dr. Donna LaLonde, Dr. Gaspar Porta Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Modern Languages Dr. Sophie Delahaye Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Music Dr. Diana Seitz Cal Melick cal.melick x1276
School of Nursing Dr. Jane Brown Gwen Wilson gwen.wilson x2609
Philosophy and Religious Studies Dr. Barry Crawford Elise Blas elise.blas x2507
Physics and Astronomy Dr. Brian Thomas Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Political Science Dr. Tom Schmiedeler David Winchester david.winchester x1193
Psychology Dr. Michael McGuire David Winchester david.winchester x1193
Social Work Dr. Bassima Schbley Sean Bird sean.bird x1550
Sociology/Anthropology Dr. Margaret Wood David Winchester david.winchester x1193
Theatre Penny Weiner Cal Melick cal.melick x1276