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Photograph: Alan Bearman.
Alan Bearman
Department: Administration
Title: Dean of Libraries
Contact Information: alan.bearman[at]
(785) 670-1855

Photograph: Sean Bird.
Sean Bird
Department: Administration
Title: Assistant Dean of Libraries
Contact Information: sean.bird[at]
(785) 670-1550

Photograph: Elise Blas.
Elise Blas
Department: Public Services
Title: Instructional Design Librarian
Contact Information: elise.blas[at]
(785) 670-2507

Photograph: Pat Brauer.
Pat Brauer
Department: Library Operations
Title: Library Assistant II
Contact Information: pat.brauer[at]
(785) 670-1982

Brendan Fay
Department: Public Services
Title: Instruction Librarian
Contact Information: brendan.fay[at]
(785) 670-1481

Photograph: Lori Fenton.
Lori Fenton
Department: Library Operations
Title: Technology Librarian
Contact Information: lori.fenton[at]
(785) 670-1984

Photograph: Janet Homan.
Janet Homan
Department: Library Operations
Title: Library Assistant III
Contact Information: janet.homan[at]
(785) 670-1487

Photograph: Martha Imparato.
Martha Imparato
Department: Special Collections
Title: Special Collections Librarian/Archivist
Contact Information: martha.imparato[at]
(785) 670-1981

Photograph: Andrea Leon.
Andrea Leon
Department: Public Services
Title: Circulation Manager/ILL
Contact Information: andrea.leon[at]
785) 670-1488

Photograph: Farhan Makda.
Farhan Makda
Department: Digital Initiatives
Title: Technology Support Consultant
Contact Information: farhan.makda[at]
(785) 670-1480

Photograph: Teresa Nitcher.
Teresa Nitcher
Department: Library Operations
Title: Library Assistant II
Contact Information: teresa.nitcher[at]
(785) 670-1985

Photograph: Lori Rognlie.
Lori Rognlie
Department: Library Operations
Title: Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact Information: lori.rognlie[at]
(785) 670-1986

Photograph: Jennifer Somers.
Jennifer Somers
Department: Digital Initiatives
Title: Digital Media Specialist
Contact Information: jennifer.somers[at]
(785) 670-1275

Photograph: Sean Stacey.
Sean Stacey
Department: Public Services
Title: Evening Reference/Instructional Librarian
Contact Information: sean.stacey[at]
(785) 670-1484

Photograph: Ginger Webber.
Ginger Webber
Department: Administration
Title: Administrative Specialist
Contact Information: ginger.webber[at]
(785) 670-1179

Photograph: Kelley Weber.
Kelley Weber
Department: Library Operations
Title: Catalog Librarian
Contact Information:[at]
(785) 670-1503

Photograph: Gwen Wilson.
Gwen Wilson
Department: Public Services
Title: Health Sciences Librarian
Contact Information: gwen.wilson[at]
(785) 670-2609

Photograph: David Winchester.
David Winchester
Department: Library Operations
Title: Serials Librarian
Contact Information: david.winchester[at]
(785) 670-1193

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