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Content Management System Web Address

Click the link below, or copy and paste it into a new browser window or tab, to access the Content Management System Log In page. If you click on the link, the Log In page will open in a new browser window or tab.

Help with Pop-up Windows

While using the CMS to work on the exercises, you may receive a message that your browser is blocking pop-ups. If you experience this issue, the document below can help.

Disabling Pop-up Blockers in Your Browser (.pdf)

Internet Explorer "Security Warning" Dialog

When using the CMS in the Internet Explorer browser, you may receive a "Security Warning" dialog regarding mixed content when you open pages for editing. This dialog is asking you if you want to display only the secure content on the page or both the secure and non-secure content. You need to be able to see both types of content to work in the CMS. You have two options available to respond to this dialog. Click on the link below to open a document that explains these options to you.

Enabling Mixed Content in Internet Explorer (.pdf)

Need Help?

If you are having difficulty logging in to the CMS (you can't log in at all, you receive an error message after logging in, etc.) contact the Web Support Team at

Preparing for the Training

Prior to beginning the training videos, you need to complete a small amount of set-up work:

Step 1: Open a new window or tab in your browser and access the CMS Log In page. Directions for accessing this page can be found under the "Content Management System Web Address" heading in the right column.

Step 2: Save the sample.pdf file from this page to your computer. You will need this file to complete several exercises in the training. You can save this file using the following procedure:

  1. Right-click on this link: Download the sample.pdf file. (This action opens a small menu.)
  2. Select "Save Link As..", Save Target As..." or "Download Linked File..." from the menu.
  3. Save the file to your computer's desktop.

Course Lessons

There are a total of twelve lessons in this course, along with an introduction video to help get you started. To begin the training course, click on "Course Introduction and Overview". This opens to the first course page that presents the course introduction and overview view. From this page you will progress through the pages for the lessons in the course. Each lesson page includes a link forward to the next lesson, a link back to the previous lesson, and a link to return to this page. After you have completed a lesson, click on the link for the next lesson.

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