The Executive Staff will be regularly informed of assessment results and feedback data, and will have final determination of selected proposals.

  • Educational Excellence Initial Proposal online form submitted by November 1, 2012.

  • QI committee members will independently review each proposal and offer a preliminary evaluation to the QI Committee Chair
  • QI committee will meet to review the proposals, discuss individual evaluations, revise if deemed appropriate, and obtain consensus for a final evaluation. Assessment outcomes will be shared with Executive Staff.
  • The quality initiative will be a primary theme at the faculty dinners in which general information about the proposals will be shared. The QI committee members will attend in order to document discussion data. Discussion data will be shared with Executive Staff.
  • QI committee will make one of three recommendations to Executive Staff:
    • Accept initial proposal and invite applicant to submit final proposal.
    • Provisionally accept initial proposal – provide feedback regarding recommendations for a revised initial proposal
    • Reject initial proposal.
  • Applicants will be informed of the status by the VPAA. Applicants accepted provisionally who fail to submit a revised initial proposal by the established time line will not be considered for further review.


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