The fifth Assessment Extravaganza was co-hosted on February 8, 2018 by the Assessment Committee and the Center for Teaching Excellence & Learning (C-TEL). This session focused on the successful progress made with Program Assessment at Washburn and allowed the presenters an opportunity to showcase best practices in assessment methodologies.

Overview Brochure

Oral Communication Assessment (Amy Memmer/Gloria Dye)

Higher Education Research Institute (Kayla Carter/Vickie Kelly)

National Survey of Student Engagement (Kayla Carter/Vickie Kelly)

ETS Proficiency Profile (Sarah Cook/Tom Hickman)

Madison Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning

Written Communication USLO (Louise Krug/Melanie Burdick)

University Student Learning Objectives (Cindy Nebel/Erin Grant) 

The fourth Assessment Extravaganza was co-hosted on February, 9, 2017 by the Assessment Committee and C-TEL. This session focused on best practices in assessment methodologies and posters were presented on the following topics: 

Overview Brochure

Program Assessment at WU

Assessment Plans 1

Assessment Plans 2

Assessment Plans 3

Program Assessment Reports 1

Program Assessment Reports 2

Psychology (Mike Russell)

Counseling (Jamie Olsen/Sally Konzem/Crystal Leming)

The Third Assessment Extravaganza was held on February 4, 2016 and was cohosted by the Assessment Committee and CTEL. This session focused on University Student Learning Outcomes and posters were presented on the following topics.

Overview Brochure

Overview and Timeline of USLO Assessment  (Nancy Tate)

Course Embedded Assessment (Nancy Tate)

Course Embedded USL0 Summary (Kayla Carter)

ETS Proficiency Overview (Sarah Cook/Vickie Kelly)

Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership ( Michael Gleason/David Carter)

Torrance Creative Thinking Results (Jane Carpenter)

Value Rubric Critical Thinking Results (Melanie Burdick/Karen Kapusta-Pofahl)

Pilot Process: Written and Oral Communications (Mary Pilgrim/Melanie Burdick)

Overview of Critical Thinking Results (Kayla Carter)

Video Overview of February Extravaganza

The Assessment Extravaganza was co-hosted on October 3, 2014 by the Assessment Committee, CTEL, and Faculty Development. Posters were presented on the following topics:

Critical Thinking Pilot - University Student Learning Outcome (Melanie Burdick)

Engaging Faculty (Department of Mathematics & Statistics)

Engaging Students (Student Recreation and Wellness Center)

Interdepartmental Collaboration (Intensive English)

The Assessment Committee held its first Assessment Best Practices Poster Session in January 2014. Posters were presented on the following topics:

Assessment Grants

Assessment Rubrics ~ Sharing with Stakeholders (Department of Music)

Course Data (Sociology & Anthropology Department)

Revising the Assessment Plan ~ Less is More (Human Services Department)

Summative Portfolio (Modern Languages Department)

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