Proctoring Services at Washburn University

The Center for Prior Learning and Testing works with students on an individual basis for proctoring needs.  The Testing Center has three individual rooms that it uses for proctoring. All requests for proctoring are dependent upon staff and room availability.

There is a fee charged to students who need exams proctored from another University.

The Testing Center works with Washburn faculty to deal with special circumstances in which group/whole class proctoring services are needed.  Note: The Center is an auxiliary unit of the University. Fees do, therefore, exist for group/whole class proctoring and will be charged for this service. Sufficient advanced notice is needed to coordinate proctors and room availability.  Please contact the Center for Prior Learning and Testing at 785-670-1227 or by email at for further questions.

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Proctoring Services - Student Services Office

Students enrolled in courses at Washburn University who require testing with accommodations are directed to contact the Student Services Office at 785-670-1629.

Proctoring Services - Prior Learning & Testing Center

The Center for Prior Learning and Testing offers exam proctoring services to any individual who possesses valid and current state or government identification. Individuals choosing to receive proctoring services at this center will be required to do so under the terms and conditions of the testing center. The Center for Prior Learning and Testing has three individual testing rooms. Any request made for proctoring services will depend on room availability.

A copy of the terms and conditions can be found on this site under Testing Center Policies. For fees and pricing information please see the Testing Services Price List.

  • Before proctoring services can be performed, a request for services must be received and processed by the test center. The following steps will apply.
  • Individuals desiring proctoring services will complete and submit the Testing Services Request Form no later than two (2) weeks before the desired test date. Late requests are subject to a late processing fee. If the appointment date requested on the form is not available, the student will be notified via e-mail or phone, and another date will be decided upon.
  • Upon receipt, the test center will process the request by acknowledging receipt and notifying the examinee ’s instructor, school, or testing agency that the examinee has obtained a proctor from the testing office. A Testing Instructions Form will then be sent to the instructor via e-mail.
  • Instructors/schools or testing agencies are responsible for providing test materials and test administration instructions by filling out the Testing Instructions Form.
  • Any request for special accommodations or special testing administrations MUST be received and approved by the test center at least one week in advance of the scheduled appointment. Initiation of this process is the responsibility of the examinee requesting the service.
  • The test center is responsible for providing proctoring services and administering services within the guidelines provided by the instructor/school or testing agency.
  • Approved request for proctoring services in the test center is contingent on the acknowledgment of policies and procedures of the test center. Violation of these polices and procedures will result in dismissal from the test center and possible cancellation of any test being administered. Any fees paid to the test center will be forfeited.
  • We strongly recommend that anyone requesting test administration or proctoring services at the Washburn University Center for Prior Learning and Testing review the test center's policies on the site prior to submitting a request.
  • Walk-ins are accepted if there is room availability. Upon arrival walk-ins will be required to read and sign an Examinee Agreement Form which includes test center policies.

If you have further questions about proctoring services please contact the Center for Prior Learning and Testing at 785-670-1227 or by e-mailing

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